Monday, 11 November 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Hiya, how are we all? 
Did you have a good weekend? I'm happy to report mine was great which is why I have been MIA for the past few days including Friday! I have been super but its all been good fun : )

So Friday this happened! A new beauty on my back, I love her you can check out Alexis's blog here, she is a very good tattooist so if your in Eastbourne and wanna get tattooed look her up! 

Saturday I worked in the tattoo shop but before enjoyed doe eggs for breakfast, love eggs to start my day! The shop was pretty quiet due to the hideous weather but the boys were all fully booked anyway. 

Saturday night I just chilled in front of the box, dinner was veggies with zest pesto and goats cheese. Kind of looks like sick but it honestly tasted good! 

My sofa companion got very comfy on my chest tun gave me a high five! Ha love my cat!

Sunday after a run/walk workout I had a big bowl of fruit, yogurt and homemade sugar free, gluten free granola whilst chilling with the cat again : )

The rest of the day I spent getting dinner ready for some guests....

We had a curry night! I made chickpea and sweet potato curry (minus the spinach) with brown rice, roasted garam masala broccoli, cucumber raita and mini popadoms!

Everyone really enjoyed the meal which made me happy : )

This morning I was up early to do a Skype session with my client and this was followed by some very yummy breakfast rice. I just made this up as I went and it turned out so good. I used some left over brown rice from last night and added a splash of low lacto milk, some coconut cream, pumpkin seeds, raisins and cinnamon. I didn't measure just added a small amount of each ingredient and it turn out mighty fine, I think this might be a new favourite for breakfast. 

The morning was spent training clients and I also popped out to see a potential venue for a new fitness class, the room was perfect and I will be starting a new class next month! I will keep you posted how that goes : )

Before lunch I got an upper body strength training in then was more then ready to re-fuel! 

Courgette and eggs cooked in a little coconut oil and some smoked paprika topped with hummus was the perfect post workout lunch. This afternoon I had more clients to train and a big pot of soup to make for dinner. I made a tomato and veggie soup which we had for dinner and I can confirm it was delicious! 

Last but not least I have last weeks exercise to share with you, it was a very busy week:

Monday: 1hr Skype session + 30 min strength + 30 min run
Tuesday: 1hr Skype session + 30 minute run
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: 30 min strength + 90 min yoga
Friday: 30 min strength + 30 min run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 1hr run/walk intervals

Pretty active week right!? 
As I have mentioned in a previous post I am loving my workouts right now as you can see, and I am so excited to be starting a new class! 

Right time to say good night, I hope you have all had a good start to the week : )


What breakfast are you loving right now?

I was loving some fruit and yogurt but as it turns chillier I am loving a hot bowl of something for breakfast like rice, millet porridge etc. 


  1. Just found you… love the stuff you put up :)

  2. I'm an egg lover in the morning too. I find they keep me full until well into the afternoon. Although I've been craving lots of fruit and yoghurt in the mornings lately. Might have to mix it up again this week!

    1. You definitely can't go wrong with eggs!

  3. Your tattoo looks fabulous!
    I'm all about porridge in the morning but your breakfast does sound very tasty. Loving the rice idea! And a great way to use left-overs. And I don't think your goat's cheese meal looks bad at all, I think it looks very tasty. It's my favourite cheese and I could literally eat it every day. Mmm.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you, I'm with on the live if goats cheese so good!

  4. I had goats cheese with my dinner too- it is so good.
    I love the idea of rice pudding sort of thing for breakfast- I bet it would be lovely with raisins and nutmeg.
    I love porridge when it is cold, and maybe pancakes when I have the time.

    1. Yes these cold mornings call for a warm brekkie!

  5. Your tattoo is so cool! And all this food looks really really good, I'm especially intrigued with this "breakfast rice!"

    1. Thank you! Yes the breakfast rice is very tasty!!

  6. I'm all over porridge at the moment, I need something warming! I used to make brown rice porridge loads, need to re visit that I think!

    1. So good especially with coconut milk!