Thursday, 28 November 2013

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Hi all, hope your having a good week so far, mine has gone so quickly and as of 5.45pm tonight my work week is finished for the next four days whoop! Thats because tomorrow is my birthday and I have lots of things planned : )

Anyway you will hear all about that over the next few days so today I am here to talk about Udo's Choice the Ultimate Oil Blend which was sent to me a little while ago. I was asked to come up with some ways of adding this into my daily meals which was quite easy for me as I love this oil! 

 Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend has an impressive list of benefits such as helping with athletic recovery, helping to reprove brain function as well as joint function to name a few. You can check out lots more here. You can add the oil into smoothies if your not keen on just eating it as is on food, take a look at how I used it there is a fishy theme going on here! 

This salad was so easy to make and very tasty to eat, perfect if you need to make a big batch for lunches or quick go to evening meals.....

In a big bowl I mixed 1 grated courgette, 1 large grated carrot, 1 can of tuna, 1.5 cups coked brown basmati rice, 2TBsp Udo's Choice, drizzle of apple cider vinegar (as much or as little as you want), salt and pepper. Combine the lot and eat, see very easy but wholesome, healthy and delicious! 

Or you can use the oil straight up like I did on my mixed leaves salad which went perfectly along side a mini sweet potato topped with mackerel in tomato sauce. This was a great lunch : )

I have to say I love the oil with tuna so much so that for an afternoon snack I add some oil blend, apple cider vinegar and pepper to a bowl of tuna and chop it down just like that! 

Ha yep a fishy theme indeed, I have used it in smoothies before and drizzled over eggs is rather tasty also. I love the nutty taste of this oil and would definitely recommend it to those of you that are health conscious and fancy trying out a new oil for dressings.

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Do you use Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend?


  1. I love Udo's oil. I used it a lot during marathon training and I found it really helped with recovery and inflammation. I like putting it in smoothies or on a salad.

    1. Yep it's delicious! Great that it helped through your training x

  2. Ooh sounds interesting! Definitely checking that out...I'm such a sucker for anything recovery-wise ;-)