Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spices of India Part Two: Fruity Raggi Flour and Cardamon Porridge

Good morning on this fine Saturday, well its fine where I am anyway for now! 
Today has been all go, 2 clients before 9am and then a day of work in the tattoo shop. After my clients were trained and I was ready for job number two I made a very tasty and new to me breakfast which I just have to share with you. I used some more of my Spices of India goodies for this so here is my next review of these great products…….

When my parcel came through I was very excited about the raggi (millet) flour, being gluten free any other options are welcomed by me and this flour i had never heard of before. I have eaten millet flakes and whole millet but never the flour, I was quite surprised just how easy and yummy it is!

Fruity Raggi Flour and Cardamon Porridge

Ingredients, serves one:
1/4 cup raggi flour
1/4 cup water + 2Tbsp
1/4 cup milk 
(I used lacto free but soy, rice, etc. would all work fine)
1 cup berries
1/2 banana
1/2 crushed cardamon pod

Add raggi flour and liquids to a small pan over a low heat and stir, this takes barely any time to thicken.  Add the 2 Tbsp of water once the mixture has thicken up and take off the heat, stir and once blended add the fruit and put back over the heat. De-shell the cardamon pod and grind in a pestle and mortar, I only used half as the black ones are quite strong, add to the mix and continuously stir over the heat until your mix turns a pretty pink colour and it is heated through. 
Serve and enjoy!

I topped mine with low fat greek yogurt and toasted coconut which was just awesome! I have been wanting to make a hot breakfast like this for ages but until now just haven't gotten round to it. With these new ingredients I was inspired to try out something new and I am glad I did, so yummy. I shall be making this a lot more now the weather is getting rather frosty in the mornings, sometimes you just need a warm hug from your food and this does the trick : )

Enjoy your weekend everybody x x x


Have you ever tried raggi flour, what flour alternatives to you use?


  1. That looks great, and so good for being gluten free! I was surprised by the frost this morning, but it was lovely and fresh :-)

  2. That Raggi flour sounds really interesting, I'm not sure I would be able to find it in the US but I'll definetely look for it!

    1. Oooooo I'm sure if you can find an Indian store they would have it!

  3. That Raggi flour sounds super yummy, I bet it's a great alternative to oats for making oatmeal/porridge. I also love the use of toasted coconut

    1. That's exactly what it's like! I love oatmeal but can't have it because if the gluten, this is a perfect alternative : )

  4. I have never even heard of it!
    My friend with coeliacs often gets gluten free oats (I think Delicious alchemy is one brand but I am sure one supermarket has their own brand as gluten free)- the oats don't contain gluten but they are often cross contaminated in the field but I think g-f ones are getting more common.

    1. Hmmmm I have seen gluten free oats but they scare me so I stay away!