Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November Reviews

Its that time of the month again when I get to share some great new to me and maybe to you products. As always the words and thoughts are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. Read on and have a look I think these will be of interest to many of you.......

Liberté are a fat free greek style yogurt with a fruity bottom! The yogurt is really thick and creamy and the fruit is made from all natural ingredients. I got to try the lemon, strawberry and honey yogurts, I actually liked all three flavours lemon being my favourite. I never buy fruit yogurts, I am a plain kind of gal, so these were more of a treat for me. I would definitely buy the plain yogurt as I thought it was lovely but the fruit ones even though I liked them are as I said are more of a treat. 

If you like to eat yogurts especially fruit ones then I would say give these a try, especially as they are not filled with any artificial flavours and aren't full of sugar like some on the market. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

I was sent some of the new "Skinny" range of soups from the New Covent Garden Soup Co a little while ago. I have to say I am really impressed with the two soups they sent through, Goan Spiced Chicken and Lentils and Tomato and Vegetables with Laird Lentils. The list of ingredients is super good no baddies not even sugar hallelujah! 

These soups are just like something I would make myself plus they are really thick which is a big thumbs up for me, I love a thick soup makes it all the more satisfying. The picture here includes rice cakes but I didn't actually eat them the soup is more then enough on its own. 

To round up I would and am going to buy these soups again, they are low in calories but big on flavour and perfect if you are in need of a healthy lunch to take to work or if your in a rush. You can keep up to date with the soups on offer through Facebook and Twitter.

Go Nuts!

Go Nuts! is the creation of Elizabeth Peyton-Jones a Youthing Guru, known for her youth enhancing detox as well as being an author and health food expert! 

Available in four, naturally-delicious flavours, Go Nuts! is a protein snack packed with vitamins and minerals. Totally organic, Go Nuts! is a healthy, slow-release snack which is perfect as a between-meal pick-me-up or to satisfy a sweet craving, day or night.

Hand-made in the UK, Go Nuts! has no preservatives, no GM ingredients, no E numbers, no refined sugar, no fillers and no gluten making it suitable for people of all ages. It’s ideal for vegetarians and vegans too.

I got sent all four flavours and loved them all! All the flavours are delicious and each ball is dense and full of yumminess, perfect for a quick snack or before exercise for an extra energy boost. I would definitely buy these again and if you love raw balls, nakd bars or anything similar these are you! Keep up to date with Elizabeths goings on over on Facebook and Twitter.


formoline is a weight management pill that can help reduce the calories your body takes from dietary fats. I am not really one for diet pills but thought I would give these ago anyway. The claim is that these pills will help you to lose weight because you don't ingest all the fat from your food. You can use them as part of a systematic weight lose programme or an occasional use product for example when you go on holiday.

I think a product like this can only be reviewed properly if you can trail it for at least three months, I only received one pack which only lasts about 2 weeks when taking 2 pills a day. Your supposed to take these before the two most fatty meals of the day which was actually quite difficult for me because my meals aren't really high in fat! I used these randomly for example before I ate a bag of chips which as we know is very high fat. I can't say these help me lose any weight but they definitely helped me go to the loo after a high fat carb meal! If you do eat a high fat diet and want to try these out for yourself check out the offer below:

If you’re looking to lose a few lbs before the festivities begin, formoline L112 can lend a helping hand. It is, and has been since 2007, Germany’s number one slimming supplement and works by reducing the overall calorie intake from food – specifically from dietary fats - removing them safely from your body before they are digested. Results show a possible weight loss of up to 7kg over a 4-week period. formoline L112 usually costs £24.95 for 48 tablets but they have given me this £10.00 money-off voucher for every reader to spend on formoline online at Simply type in SLIM112 when prompted at the checkout.


I was sent this phsyicool size A bandage a little while ago, lucky for me I haven't had an injuries that need helping but after my last sports massage, having to have my shin splints attacked, I thought I would give the bandage a go. I wrapped it round my shins and let it do the work. The bandage works by using instant cooling, compression and support. I definitely felt the benefit of this bandage it soothed my sore shin and I will be using it next time as there is more work to be done on them. I can also see how the bandage would be great if I did get injured, it is easy to use and you can also re-use it which means the £9.99 cost is a great deal. I would have thought it rather expensive if it was a one time use bandage! The other great thing is you can take it anywhere, perfect to have with you after running a marathon or something like that just in case you suffer from some soreness or an injury.
Check out physicool on Facebook,  Twitter and You Tube.

Ok folks thats it for my November reviews, as always thank you to all the companies that sent through products its been a pleasure. I hope my review has helped you learn about some new products and want to try them out.


Have you tried any of the above?


  1. Never tried any of the above - but i love a good skinny soup, so will be tracking them down! I have tried NCG soups before & enjoyed them too. Those yummy little balls look delicious! And the bandage - i'm sure i have seen the range before somewhere but could certainly do with it right now for my shin!

    Fab reviews :)

    1. Ah yes the soup and the balls are so good and I think the bandage would be great for you x

  2. Those go nuts ball look delicious, love that they are vegan. I tried the physicool bandage, was quite good.

    1. Thanks guys! We are really happy you like them. If you want to buy some online, then please visit:! Have a wonderful Xmas.

  3. I love those soups. They are great when you don't have time to make your own.

  4. The soups sound lush! Soups are my comfort go-to foods, I love them on a cold day :)

    1. Ahhh me too and these are super filling!