Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lemon, Ginger and Poppy Seed Loaf

Happy Thursday! 
My day has been super busy so far and it's continuing that way this afternoon. I have had a client rearrange though which has given me a couple of hours to get some bits done, like say hello to you guys : )

It also gave me chance to make a delicious cake but you'll have to read on to get the recipe....

A little rewind to yesterday before we move on to cake! I had a tasty lunch of sautéed veggies, and eggs with feta, great mix of flavours 

Then last night I enjoyed a bowl of homemade soup, I made this in the afternoon and it was perfect for a cold evening. Butternut squash, sweet potato and chilli hmmmm can't wait to have it again tonight after yoga!

This morning I was up early as always to train some clients then I got a little upper body strength workout in for myself. 

Post workout I had a bowl of chopped apple topped with cottage cheese, almonds and cinnamon before my next clients turned up. Then I got my bake on!

Hmmmmmm oh this is a rather scrumptious cake if I do say so my self, its not completely clean but it is worth every calorie! 

125g gluten free white self raising flour
100g coconut oil/softened
125g coconom's ginger coconut sugar
2 eggs
3Tbsp lemon juice
1Tbsp poppy seeds

Pre-heat oven on a medium heat.
Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until completely blended. 
Parchment line or grease a loaf tin then pour batter in.
Bake on a medium heat for 40-45 minutes.
Using a skewer check the cake is cooked through, push into loaf and if it comes out clem your cake is baked!
Leave to cool on a wire rack then enjoy with a cuppa : )

This cake doesn't really rise very high but it is soft, sweet and I love the colour this cake is due to the coconut sugar. Perfect for the Autumn weather we are having and it is filled with healthy goodness even if it is a treat!

If your local health food store still doesn't stock Coconom's organic coconut sugar you need to have a word, I am bias because I do a little work for them maybe but it really is the best coconut sugar on the market. Plus the flavours just give a recipe that extra kick of deliciousness!

If you work in a health food store or would like your local one to stock Coconom I can send them some info so feel free to contact me at:

Or if your store does stock us then get down there get some ginger coconut sugar and make this loaf!

Have a wonderful Thursday peeps : )


What is your favourite flavour of cake?

Lemon wins for me every time 


  1. That cake looks really lovely. I love how poppy seeds look in cakes!
    Ohhh favourite flavour of cake? Just one?? I love vanilla, or fruit, or lemon...sticky ginger...Not a huge fan of chocolate but I wouldn't throw it back if I was offered a slice ;-)

    1. Delicious if I do say so myself! Hmmmm I love cake but don't make it nearly enough!

  2. That's a great recipe Tam. I would love to make that.
    Do you think I can replace the gluten-free flour with coconut flour? I fear the coconut flavor could be overpowering...

    1. Hmmmm I also think it might be a little too dense......maybe almond flour would be a good alternative?

  3. Lemon is my fave too! And over the weekend I think we went to about 5 different tea rooms (we didn't have cake in every one) and none of them had lemon cake! I made a fruit cake with the plain coconut sugar that I won- will post it at the weekend but it turned out so well :)

    1. Good choice! Oooooo I am excited to see and read about your fruit cake! I will look out for that then link to it from the Facebook site or you can of course... : )

  4. Gorgeous! I love that you've used coconut oil and sugar (2 of my most loved healthy ingredients) I think my favourite type of cake would have to be lemon drizzle - but with poppy seeds and ginger? Even better!

    Aimee ~

    1. It us rather lovely such good flavour combos!

      Thank you for dropping by : )

  5. Oh wow that looks so good! I've never tried making anything like that before!

    1. Ooooo you should give it a go!

  6. That loaf looks delicious! I need to get some more of the ginger coconom as it will be perfect in my gingerbread cake recipe!

    1. It really us great for adding that extra ginger goodness!!