Thursday, 21 November 2013

Guest Post: How To Beat The Winter Bulge With These Top Health Tips

As we move further away from summer and into the cold, winter months, it’s easy to let your focus slip from eating well and exercising regularly to craving more indulgent winter foods and opting for days in front of the fire. So before you start hiding your soon-to-be expanding waistline beneath all those cosy winter layers, take on board these handy health tips that will help you beat the winter bulge:

Adapt your daily fitness routine and diet plan to ensure you feel fuller and more satisfied during the colder spell and eat foods that will ultimately help fight off those nasty winter illnesses that normally leave you reaching for your box of tissues and calling your doctor.

Avoid comfort eating

While it might be a nice idea to stay cosy on those frosty winter weekends and enjoy a film or the latest TV series with a bowl of treats, you could be at risk of making this a weekly or a daily habit so try to replace calorie-laden snacks with healthier alternatives.

Swap out popcorn for simple snacks like nuts or grapes or try something a little more inspiring and perfect for winter snacking such as a warm, fresh baked apple with yoghurt and some winter spice like cinnamon to make it a little more appealing.

Snacking on healthier alternatives will provide you with those much-needed nutrients that you lack in winter and will fill you up for longer, leaving you less likely to crave unhealthy snacks that lead to weight gain.

Take advantage of sunny days

If you live in a place like Britain, sunny days can be very few and far between during the shorter winter days, which can leave your body short on vitamin D. Take advantage of the rare winter sun and get a dose of sun to keep your mind happy and give your immune system the extra boost it needs to stay strong in the winter.

Organise fun family outings and indulge in some winter sports like skiing or take a winter stroll in nearby woodlands. It’s the perfect opportunity to get fresh air, natural light and an easy and fun way to include exercise in your day.

Adapt your fitness routine

Some people might be less inclined to exercise in the winter due to the dark evenings and harsher weather conditions; however, exercise is easy to adapt to suit the weather and will help you to maintain the fitness level you pushed for during the warmer months.

If you feel nervous about going for your daily run in the darker evenings, why not change your exercise routine to a time that would suit you better? Take 45 minutes out of your lunch break at work to go for a jog in a local park or quiet road.

Another way to maintain your fitness levels but avoid the dark and cold winter nights is to join a local gym and make the most of all the great equipment available to use a safer and warmer environment. Local gyms are also great places to find new fitness classes to shake up your normal routine.

Don’t let winter be an excuse to gain unwanted weight and become unfit, embrace the opportunity to stay fit and healthy and fight the winter bulge that has most people frantically (and guiltily) racing to the gym after Christmas.


Do you have any winter rules to help you from putting on weight?


  1. I've been doing a juice detox, managed three and half days before crumbling to soup and mash potato. I find working out in winter hard, even lunchtime runs are grim!

    1. Well done for doing 3 days in this cold weather!