Saturday, 16 November 2013

Good Food, Sunshine and Exercise

Hello and happy weekend! 
I hope your has started off on a good note and continues that way. I've been busy the pst couple of days with the usual kind of stuff, training clients, exercising and eating good food. 

I am loving eggs for breakfast at the moment, the above were delicious mixed with sliced mushrooms and zest pesto with a side of avocado. 

Eggs go very well with courgette as well! I am definitely wanting a warm breakfast these days, an iced breakfast can wait till we get some warmer weather i.e next year! 

Workouts the past couple of days have been great, still loving a mix of strength and cardio, mostly run/walking. I am taking advantage of the lovely November sunshine before it is taken from us! 

Today I had a nice leisurely morning before going to work in the tattoo shop. I thought I would share a full body photo of me as its been a long time since it happened here on my blog! So this is me ready for my day of work : )

My walk to work today was lovely and warm, a lot nicer then the walk home!

I am now ready to veg out for an evening in front of the box. Dale is fishing so me and Sid are chilling at home cosy and warm! 

Have a lovely Saturday night peeps x


How did you enjoy the sunshine today?


  1. We walked with our little one and then I shot an engagement session. Just perfect! Your day sounds and looks lovely. Eggs for breakfast are the best!

    1. Sounds like a lovely Saturday : )

  2. We had a lovely walk up and down Brighton seafront yesterday- it was gorgeous :)