Monday, 4 November 2013

A New Banner and Lots More

Here we are at the beginning of another super busy week, well it is for me anyway! 
Lots of clients, workouts, meeting friends for coffee and ummm another tattoo! Ha addicted : )

Today's post features my new banner, some favourite pics from the weekend, last weeks exercise and how my Monday started the week on the right foot…...

Here is my lovely new banner, obviously you can see it in full glory above but I thought I would pop it in the post with a big THANK YOU to my talented sister.

Saturday I blogged about this delicious breakfast, got ready and left for work. I have been playing around with my hair colour and the pastel peachy look was a winner for the weekend : )

Saturday night I enjoyed this plate of deliciousness, pesto peas topped with mustard and smoked paprika chicken and sweet potato wedges. 

Sunday started with eggs on rice cakes spread with sundried tomato paste, then I popped round my dads to have a cuppa and a chin wag. We had to the food shopping and once that was done we spent the afternoon at Dales sisters hanging with the bubba : )

Sunday evening I made another curry with was damn good! Perfect comfort food which is real healthy and delicious, my kind of dinner. 

This morning I trained my client over Skype at 6am then once I was showered I made breakfast and got back into bed to eat it. The flat was cold and with no other clients this morning I thought why not?

I met a friend for coffee late morning then came home to a lovely bowl of soup freshly made by Dale. I had couple more clients in the afternoon another of which was on Skype. The session was only 30 minutes so I did that and then went out for a run, double workout day! 

Here's last weeks exercise:

Monday: 1hr tone up Skype session
Tuesday: 30 minute walk
Wednesday: 35m strength workout + 25m run
Thursday: 45m circuit + yoga class
Friday: 1hr Skype session
Saturday: 30 minute walk
Sunday: Rest

Hopefully the rest of my week is going to be as today has been. I am loving my workouts right now, lots of variation which stops me from getting bored : )

I have some fun posted coming up this week with some new recipes so keep your eye out for those!


Do you have a varied workout week, or do you like to stick to the same things?


  1. Love the banner, feeling like baked apples now!
    My workout week usually centers around running, it is my go-to no brainer exercise. I need to mix it up more, am trying a new yoga class tomorrow! x

    1. Thank you, enjoy your yoga class!

  2. Love the banner! I'm in a bit of a gym groove at the moment. I'd love to do something more varied, but my time is so stuck at the moment and I can go to the gym and just do it - total no brainer exercise! I have just got a HRM so I will be interested to see what calories I'm burning with it, it might make me want to do some different exercise!

    1. Thank you! Yay to the HRM I love mine, well if you ever fancy a Skype session let me know! I offer a free 30 minute taster so new clients : )

    2. Thank you! Yay to the HRM I love mine, well if you ever fancy a Skype session let me know! I offer a free 30 minute taster to new clients : )

  3. I fancy a baked apple now! Looks fab!
    I tend to have a routine I stick to- I like running and body pump!

    1. Thank you! Well if you find a routine that works for you and you can stick to it, its a win win!

  4. Love the banner! Looks very professional :) And tasty!
    Your hair looks cool as well. It's great that you can change it around so much and you suit so many different styles. I really can't. I look weird if it's anything but long and straight :(

    1. Thanks! Yep I am lucky with my hair but it's time to move on from blonde soon..want my long hair back!