Tuesday, 8 October 2013

VegFest and Glastonbury Tickets!

I have a little time to finally come say hi after the weekend, so hello! 
This week is crazy, I am working 6-8 most days so I will be more then happy for the week to fly by like the others of this year! Roll on Sunday when I have the day off to myself to spend with my man : )

I did have a great weekend though. Saturday I worked all day, clients first thing then the tattoo shop. I had a quite night in watching crap TV while Dale was away fishing then is was Sunday......

I got up early to get a workout in first thing. I did a full body circuit before getting ready for the day. The plan for the day was a visit to London with my sister Jes but before we left there was a very important task to do! I went and picked my sister up to bring her back to mine and we got coffee on our way which I enjoyed along side my breakfast of yogurt with almonds and cinnamon then to the task.....

If you wanted to go to Glastonbury Festival next year you would have been, like me, desperately trying to get a ticket Sunday morning, it was a long hour very intense and at the final moment I got me and Dale a ticket!!!!!!! Wooooohoooo yep 2014 Glastonbury here we come : )

Task completed we hopped on the train and off we went to the big smoke!

I was very kindly given tickets to London VegFest by the guys at Coconom. It was a lot better then the one I went to in Brighton a year or so ago. There were some great stalls with some lovely products, I picked up lots of leaflets so I can look up the products in more detail as there were a lot I hand't seen before. The Coconom stall was doing a great job, really busy and people were loving the sugar which was great! The one stall I had to take a picture of was the one above, I was shocked by the shear amount of cream cakes all vegan of course! We hung about for a bit then we were off to Covent Garden to have a look about and meet a friend. 

Whilst we were in Covent Garden I picked up some gluten free olive and parmesan bread from Neals Yard salad bar which was amazing. Crusty shell with a soft centre hmmmmm

We also picked up this glorious raw shake : )

On our way back to the train we walked by the street artists which always impress, the snail car was actually parked near the festival, had to get a picture because it was so amazing! We had a great day but I was wiped out by the time and was ready to chill : )

Yesterday I worked with clients all day but did remember to take a picture of breakfast which was awesome! Apple topped with greek yogurt, CherryActive blueberry concentrate and almonds. I'm loving this combo and it keeps me full for hours.

Today I was up early to do a Skype session with my client which was a great start to the day and I will be off to work in the tattoo shop soon, another busy one! Have a fab Tuesday peeps hopefully see ya tomorrow!


Did you have a fun weekend, what did you do?


  1. I got Glastonbury tickets too - so exciting! x

  2. I didn't even think of glasto, I need to try and convince James to go one year, congrats on getting tickets!

    1. So glad I got tickets! Super excited to be going with Dale 😊

  3. Love the idea of putting the cherry active on yoghurt :)