Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hi everybody how are you? I’m all good, busy as always with all sorts going on but thats the way I like it! I’m here today to talk about swimming. Now I used to love swimming, being in the pool and doing lengths was a regular thing for me but that was a good few years ago now!

Dale has been on at me to go swimming and I’ll be honest I have a fear of getting into a costume. I know I’m not hugely overweight but since being in a relationship there are few extra pounds that need to be gone before I get into a swimming costume saying that I have been having a good browse around the net to see whats out there and have to say Zoggs has a great selection of womens swimwear.

Probably sounds stupid to some but I want to have a nice costume if I’m going to take the plunge and actually go again! I like the fact they have lots of options, costumes with shorts bottoms, skirts and nice patterns/colours plus they are made to support the body whilst swimming which I definitely need!

I have also been looking at getting some, dare I say it, googles! Ha yes I am one of those peeps that has to wear googles, the chlorine in the swimming pool really hurts my eyes so they are a must for me. The swimming googles from Zoggs look pretty good too, they have a massive selection to choose from. I’m pretty sure once I have chosen my costume I’ll be getting some googles to match its all about the matching swimming outfit for me!

I’m hoping with the right costume I can get over my swimming fear and actually take the plunge and go with Dale, plus I’ll look good in the pool!


Do you swim or do have the swimming costume fear?

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