Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kitchen Equipment to Help Keep Meals Healthy

I don’t know about you but I have specific pieces of kitchen equipment that are kitchen staples for me to make healthy foods. For instance I couldn’t live without my my blender, making healthy smoothies, ice creams and soups to eat is part of my daily routine. Same with my juicer I love to be able to make a fresh juice whenever I feel like one, they are so delicious and far better for you then bought juices which I don’t actually like or drink.

Another great kitchen appliance I love to use to keep my meals healthy is my George Foreman Grill. I use it to cook meats like bacon and chicken as well as veggies. When you use one of the George Foreman Grills the fat from the food drips into a separate making the food lower in fat which means less calories prefect if your watching your weight! Visit T J Hughes online to look through the George Foreman Grill range for a great price!

I have a few things on my want list too which will make it even easier to eat healthy foods for example I am saving for a vitamix. I desperately want one to make raw hot soups, nut butters and energy balls but being quite expensive it will be a while till I can get one of those!

I’m sure you all have piece of kitchen equipment to help keep you healthy and I would love to know what it is and what you make with it so.....


What is your favourite piece of kitchen equipment that helps you keep things healthy?


  1. I would love a big blender, a juicer and a spiraliser so I can make that cool looking courgette pasta! At the mo I am content with my hand blender so I can make homemade fruit and nut bars, nut butter, smoothies and soups!

    1. Yep I would like each one of those too!