Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Healthy Food Inspiration

Happy Hump Day! 
How is your Wednesday going? Mine has been all good, it started very early having to get to a client for 6am and has been all go since really just the way I like it. I have trained some great clients today, they are all doing so well which is just amazing I am a very proud trainer : )
I also finished the day with a killer workout done with my last client of the day, total sweat fest which means I should sleep well tonight! I've been eating some great meals over the past few days and thought if your lacking in inspiration you might get some here........

Even though the weather is starting to get chilly smoothies are still popping up in my diet. This baby was so good and is a Hormone helper to boot get my recipe here!

When I need a quick and easy breakfast this is fruit and yogurt combo is becoming a regular, it is especially good drizzled with cherryactive's blueberry concentrate and some almonds!

Coffee, coffee oh and more coffee! I do limit myself to two a day, I am loving Coconoms original coconut sugar to give a little sweetness. Oh before I forget if you are in Brighton on Saturday the guys from Coconom are doing a product launch in Infinity Foods so get down there and try some of this amazing sugar!

Couldn't help but chuck a photo in of my prince, you know ever since I adopted this gorgeous boy he has bought so much joy to my life! Love him : )

Maybe you also need some fitness inspiration? I have been loving my runs, getting out in the fresh Autumn air is great.

Back to the food then, easy meals are my favourite this was a courgette, an egg and a tin of mackerel all fried up in a little coconut oil really tasty really easy!

Hmmmmm this mornings breakfast was awesome! Some crispy smoky bacon, a chopped apple and cottage cheese topped with cinnamon amazing!

More scrambled veggies this time just with eggs and topped with watered down hummus to make a dressing

After my workout tonight I also wanted something easy and this was perfect, sweet pot, mackerel and broccoli. See healthy is not hard to do and it doesn't take all the time in the world either! 

Well I hope these meals have helped you get some healthy food motivation going, let my know if you try any of these out, you wont be disappointed : )


What healthy meals have you been eating?


  1. I totally agree that running in the autumn air is just lovely :)
    I got home late last night and all I fancied was toast. For lunch I have been having lovely lentil salads with beetroot, tomatoes, avocado and some mixed seeds for crunch.

    1. Hmmm that salad sounds delicious!

  2. Yes I'm loving Autumn running, although it's a bit dark to do it early in the mornings which is my favourite time of day. I've been eating a lot of butternut squash lately, in with quinoa, or in a broth, yum!

    1. Totally agree, early mornings are my favourite but yes its a little too dark!

  3. that cat is adorable. He deserves the space on your blog :o) Kale has just come into season here, so I've been having a lot of massaged kale salads for some uber healthy eats.

    1. Yum! I love kale, and your right he does!!