Thursday, 17 October 2013

Guest Post: Food, Exercise and Spiritual Wellbeing

Just as looking after your physical health is important, looking after your mental wellbeing is equally as important too. Diet and exercise play a huge part in maintaining a healthy body both inside and outside, by keeping you fit and looking your best, but they also have an important role to play in good mental health.
If you feel your mental wellbeing is suffering or it’s not in as good shape as it could be, you might be missing some elements of the three vital ingredients for a healthy mind: diet, exercise and spiritual wellbeing. It’s not just nutrition and physical exertion that help keep the mind healthy, taking into account the spiritual side of mental wellbeing, more spiritual practices play a big part too. Whether it’s mediation, yoga or psychic readings, spiritual practices form part of the holistic approach to good mental wellbeing, alongside the right nutrition and good psychical health.

Diet doesn’t just mean going on ‘a diet’, it simply means the food you eat. And the food you eat can do more than altering the figures you see on the bathroom scales. Certain foods can lift the mood, and others can depress you. In fact, The Mental Health Foundation in the UK says more people who do not have daily mental health problems consume fresh fruit or fruit juice every day than those who do, and that people who suffer from mental health problems eat less healthy food overall, consuming food like crisps, ready meals and greasy foods more regularly.

When it comes to exercise, many mental health experts agree that it releases feel-good chemicals (called endorphins) in the brain, as well as leading to better levels of concentration and better sleep. And the added bonus to eating well and exercising regularly is of course that you will look better on the outside, which can have a positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence.

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  1. I liked three points you added here “healthy mind, diet and exercise” Really these are the important points to keep your body in fit and well shaped.