Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fruitdrop Making Office Life Healthy

Well here we are nearly at the end of another week, this week has been really tiring so far and its carrying on that way till I get my lie-in on Sunday. Well I say lie-in but lets face it I will probably wake up early, fingers crossed I don't! 

One of the reasons this week has been more tiring is because I have worked an extra couple of days in the tattoo shop which means I have had to fit clients in around those hours during the morning and evening, pretty long days! Not that I am complaining I love working in the shop and being busy is aways good I just wish I had more hours to sleep, ha

Working in the shop means I have to take lunch with me, I don't like to buy in town its usually too expensive and never healthy enough! Taking a healthy lunch and snacks has been made that much enjoyable this week due to this huge box of fruit sent to me by the lovely people at Fruitdrop

Fruitdrop was established in 2007 and is all about making your work place more healthy, a fabulous idea if you ask me! I will definitely be recommending this service to my clients that work in an office, I hear day in day out how the office biscuit tin is too tempting but what if you didn't have biscuits and you had fruit?! Perfect! I think if more work places got on board with this kind of service then offices wouldn't only be healthier they would be happier places. No sugar highs and lows, happier tummies happier minds! 

If you are stuck for ideas of how to use the fruit other then obviously just chomping away at it then this is how I have been enjoying it and plan to enjoy it:

Rushed to get breakfast in before work and end up getting a muffin with your coffee? DON'T take a yogurt with you and when you get to work have some fruit with yogurt a great start to the day! You could even have this for lunch its filling and tastes great!

Add some fruit to your salad, apple or pears added to salads taste so good and gives you that extra vitamin boost!

4pm slump? Eat a banana with a handful of almonds, filling sweet and a perfect snack which will stop you reaching for the biscuit tin or at least make you stop at one! 

Hopefully the above has given you some ideas of how to add fruit into your day to get you eating your 5+ a day. I think if you are willing to change your work office routine from sugary processed snacks to fresh fruit others will follow you and your work life will be a happier place : )

If you are interested in getting your office healthy then Fruitdrop is a great place to start. Their fruit is high quality, they tailor their service to you and your budget plus the delivery is free, BONUS! Why not pop over to their website and check out the deals at the moment they have a trial offer to get 25% off your first four weeks!!!!! 

To sum up, if you like fruit and would like you and your work colleagues to get into healthy snacking then you have got to try Fruitdrop. If you have fruit on hand rather then biscuits your choice to be healthier is that much easier : )


Have you tried the Fruitdrop service?

How do you incorporate fruit into your work day?


  1. I love the idea of a service like that- at my work we have to pay for tea and coffee (even if you don't drink it) and then they spend some of the money on biscuits, which everyone moans about as they are on diets, but then they also complain when there is nothing to eat! I always bring my own food anyway, but I usually have some fruit with my lunch.

    1. Sounds like Fruitdrop could be ideal for your office then!