Sunday, 27 October 2013

Friday and Saturday Catch Up

Hi everyone is it as windy were you are as it is here on the south coast!? Looks like we are in for some pretty crazy weather over the next 24hrs but luckily I only have to pop out shopping to grab some groceries then its back to the safe and warm of my flat : )

So I've been a little MIA but here I am back to recap the past couple of days. I've been having fun, working and more which is why I've not been around........


Friday I took the day off to spend it with Dale,  for breakfast we both enjoyed some fruit and yogurt. After pottering about for the morning we went to Brighton for the afternoon to look round the shops. 

I didn't find any clothes but I did get this cute pestle and mortar which I cannot wait to use! Ha I am so excited to grind my own spices....must be the foodie inside me : )

When we got home we had a yummy dinner of soup and chicken, such a good mix! After dinner we rented a film from Apple TV and got comfy. 


In the morning both of us got up and hit the streets for a run before I had to work. I had more fruit and yogurt for breakfast then it was off to the tattoo shop.

I took a healthy lunch with me, chicken avocado and spinach, delicious and super filling

A little later I had a yummy nakd bar 

And before I left this happened! Ha, wanted this for ages and one of the tattooists had some time near the end of the day so I jumped right into the chair! Now when anyone asks where my boyfriend is I can show them this ha ha ha 

After work I went to a friends house for dinner which was lovely, nice to have dinner made for me and to catch up with some friends.

Before I go here is this weeks workouts:

Monday: Home Workout/Run
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: 1hr Workout With Client 
Thursday: 1hr Workout With Skype Client
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run
Sunday: 1hr Workout With Skype Client

Not bad right? I definitely deserve some down time today : )
Enjoy your Sunday readers I hope the weather is not too wild wherever you are x


Whats are you/have you been up to this weekend?


  1. It is so windy here right now! We had a bit of rain but that has gone, but later on tonight it is going to be awful!

  2. I drove back to Devon last night and the weather around Somerset was absolutely awful! Hope you keep safe and warm xx

    1. Scary! I only had a 30 minute drive last night and I was terrified! So many broken branches don't even wanna know what it's gonna be like tomorrow!

  3. Hope that the storm isn't as bad as they are saying it will be! Loving the tattoo!

  4. Gorgeous food enough to distract from the weather, just love your calorie counter watch xxx

  5. The weather has been horrendous. Cute tattoo!

    1. It's wild out there! Thank you x

  6. The weather never really hit Northants, although was pretty bad where we were in the Peak District on Saturday, and I keep seeing New reports where people are struggling to hold onto their hair!

    1. Glad it wasn't bad for you, we have had bad winds and fallen trees but I stayed inside safe from the weather and luckily kept my hair!!