Saturday, 19 October 2013

Food and Fitness

Yay my work week is done! I am happy to be chilling at home away from the cold night, I was supposed to be off out tonight but Dale is away fishing I'm trying to save some pennies so the sofa seemed like the best option. I have to say I'm actually glad, I'm looking forward to not setting my alarm but waking up fresh and ready for my sunday : )

Its been a while since I shared the food I have been eating, so I thought you could feast your eyes on some yummy dishes that have been coming out of the kitchen, all of which have been super tasty!

This was eaten last weekend, sunflower and buckwheat gluten free bread topped with the best scrambled egg I have ever made and crispy bacon

The same bread as above topped with boiled eggs, love a boiled egg!

Chopped apple topped with cottage cheese, cinnamon, almonds and pistachios. Not much cooking involved but lots of good flavours 

I have been loving soups lately, they are my go to winter food and this bowl of joy was a pleasure to eat. Cauliflower and pesto soup with crispy bacon yum!

This however is the best soup I have made in ages, tomato, red pepper and chilli. I will hopefully be posting the recipe tomorrow because you have to try it : )

Brown rice, pesto, sundried tomato paste and peppers topped with feta and served with salad. This was a great wholesome meal. As you can see its been all about flavour and eating some really good food this side of the screen. There will be of this to come too, I am looking forward to using my slow cooker a lot more and busting out some fab meals!

As well as eating some good food I have been getting lots of fab exercise in too. For the first time in ages here is what I got up to fitness wise this past week:

Monday: Skype 1hr full body circuit with client
Tuesday: 1hr full body circuit with client + 20 minute evening run with Dale
Wednesday: Home weights workout
Thursday: Home strength workout + 20 minute run
Friday: 35 minute run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: I plan a strength workout and run with Dale

Not too shabby me thinks! I'm loving my workouts at the moment, especially starting to bring running back in to my routine. I am hoping to do my towns half marathon next year but I need to get my running up to scratch before entering, I am starting by adding a 3-4 mini runs in a week to get my body used to running again then hopefully in January I will be ready to start my training properly. 

Well I am going to kick back and relax for the rest of evening, enjoy your Saturday peeps : )


What exercise are you loving at the moment? 


  1. When you say "Skype 1 hour full body circuit", do you mean you and your client both do an exercise circuit together via Skype? If so, what a novel idea!

    1. Yep that's exactly what we do! Works really well and we both get a killer workout! Thanks for popping by x

  2. I would quite like to start running again, got my fingers crossed for starting again next year! Love the sound of the rice with the feta!

    1. I am loving the running but forgot how bloody hard it is! Rice and feta is a winner! X

  3. I'm rocking Body Balance and Pilates classes at the moment. They're helping me get a bit stronger after being really ill with Crohn's and an operation earlier this year. Loving your foods this week. Is your buckwheat and sunflower seed bread shop bought? Also is it Gluten free?

    1. Go you, I have a client with crohn's and the fitness and diet helped so much she could stop her medication! The bread was shopped bought yes and was also gluten free x

    2. That's great she's in remission. Can you tell me the brand of the bread?

    3. I actually bought it from my local health food shop and they get it from a bakers in our town : )