Friday, 4 October 2013

Dairy Green Light

Hello the weekend, my week has ended on a high, dare I say it, my back is feeling way better and I got to do a workout today, thank god! I was going a little stir crazy to be honest, with not getting a chance to workout over the weekend then pulling a muscle in my back Monday meant no workout till today. I didn't go crazy but it felt good to get a good sweat on and burn some calories : )

I want to talk about dairy today (apologies this is kinda long winded!) and why you are seeing and will be seeing more of it.  A few years ago  now I was diagnosed with having candida (a fungal overgrowth that attacks all your organs). I had to go on a restrictive diet and felt like crap, one of the major issues for me was dairy and ever since I just stayed away from it with a fear it would make the candida come back. In the past I have had tests to see if I was dairy intolerant but they came back clear even though whenever I ate milk I would get a crazy stomach and need the loo instantly (not good!) another reason I stayed away.

Now rewind 2 a couple of months ago I found out that I am intolerant to wheat and gluten and it seems taking that out of my diet a lot of my other issues are disappearing for example I can eat dairy without any problems. I have not been brave enough to try milk yet I think my fear is still there for that but cheese, butter and yogurt is all good. I'm thinking its because they have more fat I am able to digest them better, not sure yet but I am happy about it as I love dairy and it makes it a lot easier eating out! 

Here are some ways I have been eating this new found dairy love! Mushroom and cheese omelete with steamed broccoli. Yum so good, Dale is loving that cheese is making a reappearance in the fridge on a regular basis! 

Gluten free brown bread topped with sandwich pickle and cheese toasted, oh my god hello being 8yrs old!

This is also a favourite combo of mine, cottage cheese with chopped apple cinnamon and almonds. As you can see the dairy has been welcomed back with open arms : )

Right enough about cheese what do i have planned for the weekend? Well I am working all day tomorrow then off to London on Sunday to go to London's VegFest and also see visit my friend who has recently welcomed a new bubba to the world. I hope you all have a fab weekend planned, enjoy it whatever your up too.


What are your favourite dairy recipes? 

I am need of a little practice!


  1. Ah that's so exciting you can have dairy again. How are you finding going wheat free? I miss dairy a lot and when I do treat myself to it I feel pretty rotten afterwards.

    1. I know loving the dairy! I find eating gluten free quite easy as I didn't eat much knowingly anyway it's just a pain when you go out to eat!

  2. mmm that looks so delicious, and yet lovely and simple, I hate it when it seems like healthy means super complicated!

    Bella . BELLAETC

  3. Oh so jealous that you can eat dairy again lovely!
    I have always been wheat/ gluten free but am now dairy free after being recommended to be from my acupuncture lady for fertility reasons- to do with dampness etc inside me. I am ok with having almond milk- in fact i love it, and prob would not go back to normal milk even if i could. I am stuggling with not having cheese though! Can you recommend any good products out there that are dairy free for cheese? The ones i have found are bright orange and full of rubbish! Luca.x (Sesame and Lilly)

    1. I am loving the cheese! To be honest when I didn't eat dairy I just gave cheese up I tried the fake cheeses but to be honest didn't like them and yes they are filled with crap! Maybe Google almond cheese recipes and try making some x

  4. I pulled a muscle in my back a few months ago, was the worst! I found it the most painful when I was sitting in the office at work all day.
    Glad you are getting to the bottom of the food probs, and are able to welcome back cheeeeese! I need to try cottage cheese I think, people always seem to be munching it this way and that but I'm never sure how to have it. xxx

  5. Glad that your back is getting better chick! I love cheese on toast, need to get me some more of that! I love goats cheese in salads at the mo, so good!