Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Weekend Away

Hiya, hows it going? I wish I could say I was in high spirits unfortunately I can't, I have pulled a muscle in my back and it bloody kills I am hoping it is just a little pull that can be fixed with a sports massage as I don't want to be off work like I have been today.  I am no newbie to back pain as you will know if you follow my blog, there have been a couple of issues in the past but its been ages since the last one and I was used to feeling super strong in that area. Oh well not gonna let it get me down I shall be fighting fit in no time! Anyway I wont go on lets talk about the weekend........

Thursday early evening me and my sister Jes made our way up the big smoke to be ready for 3 days of work at London's Tattoo Convention. We stayed at a hotel just by the Tower of London which meant we had a fab view, plus it was a 15 minute walk to the convention which was handy!

I was working for Sailor Jerry in their shop selling clothes and giving out rum samples. We had lots of fun especially on the Friday night when we got to see the Fun Loving Criminals! They were so good, all the classics too : )

Got to admit three days standing on my feet for 10+ hours was pretty gruelling and by Sunday I was more then happy to come home. I did get to have a walk round the convention on the Sunday though and bought a gorgeous flash sheet from one of my favourite tattooists which made me super happy!

The one down side other then the standing was the food, there was nothing on site to eat and even if there was it would have been I wasn't going to pay the prices there! We popped into Waitrose before wok each day and took stuff with us but the food I ate was nothing like my usual foods so I was happy to get back to normal eating when I got home. Yesterday I had this simple bowl of natural yogurt and fruit which was delicious : )

Then last night a plate of roasted veggies and pumpkin brown rice never tasted so good! 

I am off to have a sports massage tomorrow, fingers crossed he can sort me out and next week I may be going to a Bikram class which is very exciting hopefully that happens and becomes a regular thing which will help my back no end.

I hope your Tuesday has been pain free and better then mine, enjoy your evening : )


Did you have a fun weekend?


  1. Oh no hope it clears up soon, that is no fun.
    Lucky you seeing the FLC- I used to love them! Funky music!

    1. Really no fun at all!

      I know they were so good! X

  2. Hope your back improves chick xxx Seeing the FLC must have been great though!