Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Getting Back To Healthy After A Holiday

I don't know about you but when I'm holiday I always over do it on the food front. I think its pretty normal there are always things that you can't get in your own country which catch your eye and overindulging just happens. I definitely over indulged this past week on foods I wouldn't normally have everyday but let me tell you my tongue was happy even if my thighs weren't! I also didn't do any where near enough exercise but there just wasn't time with the wedding and all.  

I'm not going to over think about what I ate or the exercise I didn't do, I just like getting back to my normal foods and enjoying healthy tasty meals as well as some good workouts. So over the past couple of days this is what I've been eating and doing:

Yesterday morning I was up early to do a workout with my skype client and afterward I ate some rice cakes with almond butter for breakfast.

I trained some more clients through the morning then had a yummy lunch of veggies, eggs and salad leaves. Love this combo!

Between clients yesterday afternoon I caught up with Sid, he definitely missed his mama : )

Last nights dinner was a simple but very yummy dish of roasted veggies and toasted pumpkin seed rice.

I actually have a session every day with my skype client which means a workout every day for me too, a good kick back into my fitness routine after my holiday! This morning we had a session first thing, I made up a high energy plyometrics circuit, total killer but a real calorie burner which is what we want!

Afterward I made a yummy smoothie in a bowl, blueberry and tahini loveliness exactly what I needed to cool me down! 

I plan on keeping my healthy routine up I have a goal in mind, my birthday is in a couple of months and I want to look hot for my 32nd birthday which means a little work is needed! Ha ha 


Do you overindulge on holiday and find it easy to get back to healthy once home?


  1. I really struggled in Berlin, something I'm going to write about soon. I've been doing my 'dial it up' thing since I got back and feel miles better already thankfully. I think just remembering that holidays are holidays and it's actually what you do on a consistent basis that is going to make the difference is helpful for not feeling like crap ;-)