Friday, 6 September 2013

Busy Doesn't Have To mean Unhealthy

Well to say this weeks been busy is an understatement, I haven't stopped! I've had to fit in extra client sessions because of my holiday next week, I've been working at the tattoo shop and also doing some bits for Coconom so I am more then looking forward to Sunday afternoon when I have some time to myself! Even though I have been super busy I have still fitted in my daily workouts and eaten some very tasty food : )

Workout wise I have been doing circuit style workouts which are always a favourite of mine, high energy calorie burners! 

For the past 3 days I have had protein smoothies for breakfast, I have been adding the flavoured coffee I was sent which tastes so good. My own version of a coffee bought frappe, yum! 

My savoury food at the moment is pretty much vegetarian but I am loving it to be honest. Working at the tattoo shop Wednesday I had to through a lunch together out of what I had at home, which wasn't much! I had some raw veggies with almond butter and rice cakes. 

Lunch on Thursday was one of my usuals, eggs with mushrooms and cucumber. I love the taste of eggs with cucumber especially when cooked in coconut oil.

Last nights dinner was a brown rice bowl. I lightly fried some onion, garlic and courgettes in coconut oil then added in some cooked brown rice, sundried tomato paste and steamed broccoli. I topped the rice mix with toasted seeds and enjoyed every bite! 

No picture of todays lunch because it was pretty boring, rice cakes with tahini and some raw mushrooms plus some coconut and mango chunks. I worked at the tattoo shop again today so it was just what I had at home to gran and take with me but it was satisfying enough. 

I had a yummy dinner of buckwheat pasta with veggies and one egg mixed in, a big plate of comfort food for a cooler day : )

As you can see I've had some pretty awesome food even though I have been busy, I guess I'm just well trained these days no matter how busy I am I make sure to eat well! 

My last picture is of this cute little bracelet I bought yesterday, I am not really a bracelet wearer but I fell in love with the cutie elephant and couldn't resist buying it. 

Saturday is set to be just as busy as the rest of the week, I have two clients first thing before another day in the tattoo shop but I plan a very quiet evening in with Dale, X Factor and Breaking Bad is on the menu and feet up for sure. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday whatever your up to, enjoy! 


Do you keep on top of healthy meals when your busy or slip into the unhealthy quick and easy food trap?

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  1. I think it is easy to eat quick things when you are busy- my fall back is always toast with something, but usually I am pretty good about making breakfast the night before etc.