Monday, 16 September 2013

An Irish Wedding

Hello, as promised here I am with a run through of my sisters wedding and our mini family holiday in Ireland. What a wonderful time, it was a laugh from beginning to end, I didn't want to come home thats for sure! 

Last Tuesday me, Dale, my sister, her husband and my dad made our way to Gatwick for our morning flight to Ireland. I am not a keen flyer but the flight was pretty smooth and I had two fab flying companions! When we got to my mums in the afternoon it was tea and cake all round. My mum made a lemon and polenta cake especially for us and it was awesome! 

Wednesday was spent doing last minute things before the wedding on Thursday. We went to town and went round a few shops, had lunch in the design centre which was delicious and then spent the evening at my little sisters. We had dinner and spray tans, preparation for the big day!

The lovely bride and groom!

Awwww here she is the beautiful bride and her fabulous bouquet!!!!!
John is a very lucky man to have taken my beautiful sisters hand in marriage, I am so pleased for them both : )

Me and my mama

Me and my sister with our papa : )

And me and Dale 

After photos were taken it was time for our meal, then party time! There was a band followed by a DJ which was so good, all the classics which you had to dance to : )

The wedding was wonderful, loads of fun, I couldn't stop smiling! We stayed in the hotel where Leah had the wedding which was nice, no taxi or car worries. 

On Friday w had breakfast at the hotel before heading back to my mums. We went for a stroll along the river before lunch and the evening we had another party to go to. My sister had a do in Johns local pub where they had a tiny man playing music which was the funniest thing I've witnessed in ages, he actually took quite a liking to me, hahaha 

Saturday we came home much to my disappointment, the flight was again pretty smooth again thankfully! We all had such a good time and I'm already looking forward to my next trip over to see my mum and sister. 


  1. This looks like such a lovely wedding, you and your sisters all look gorgeous, glad you enjoyed and lovely to have you back xxx

    1. Awwww it really was! Thank you it's good to be back x

  2. You look lovely! Looks like an amazing wedding! :-)

  3. Looks like a beautiful wedding- glad you had a lovely time.

  4. How fabulous, you all look so lovely bet your mom and dad are so proud of their girls xx