Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Two Workout Kind Of Day

Hey everyone, hows your week going?
Mine is all go, so busy but we are in the count down to holiday this side of the screen which means happy days! We are off to Ireland next week to witness my beautiful little sister get married and I can't wait! We have been waiting for this moment for two years so its been a long wait but finally we are nearly there!!

Being a bridesmaid has made me step up the exercise a little bit and yesterday and today have been two workout kind of days. Gotta look my best for the bride and all! 

This morning before breakfast I did a strength/interval session which definitely got the heart pumping. I love exercising before breakfast as it makes me enjoy it all the more! 

I followed my workout with a smoothie for breakfast, just what I needed to cool me down! I added all sorts to this smoothie, I was lacking in my usual ingredients but it tasted awesome anyway!

This morning I had one client then had to go to town to get some bits for the wedding before popping round to my dads.

I came home for lunch before training more clients. I had my usual mix of veggies and eggs, it never fails to satisfy me! 

Afternoon clients trained I decided to go for an early evening run for workout no two. It was a really hilly run got the thighs burning thats for sure and got me ready for dinner : )

I made a lemon and basil tuna rice mix with roasted cauliflower. Delicious and perfect for refuelling post run. I think roasted cauliflower is becoming a favourite of mine I could eat it everyday! 

Because of having time off next week this week is pretty crazy I am working really long hours but it will all be worth it when the holiday comes. Tomorrow I have clients first thing then I'm off to work in the tattoo shop before training more clients after, ha I can safely say I wont be popping in tomorrow! I hope you all have a fab hump day and get to enjoy the sunshine wherever you are : )


Do you ever do two workouts a day?

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  1. I have done before- sometimes I have been on a run in the morning, and then been to body pump in the evening- I think if they are different then it is not too hard, it's more of a time thing usually.