Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Busy Weekend Before A Week Away

Happy Sunday peeps! 
I have found a little time to stop and sit before a hectic evening and Monday is upon me. There is a lot to do before we leave Tuesday morning but nothing that can't wait while I have a chat with you guys : )

Saturday I worked in the tattoo shop but before leaving home I had 2 clients to train then some breakfast was eaten.......

A very easy meal of scrambled eggs and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil, love this flavour combo!

I also threw my hair up before hitting the road, I walked to work along the seafront in the sun which was a lovely 

For my work lunch I had brown rice with raw courgette and olive tofu in light curry sauce.

Saturday night was a slob night once we finally got home, there was a big bag of chips bought on the way too : )

This morning I got up just before seven and got ready for an early morning run, just 30 minutes but a great start to the day. When I got home I made a very luxurious  protein frappe which was pretty damn awesome I have to say! This included banana, coconut milk, caramel flavoured coffee, water, lots of ice and a few drops of stevia AMAZING!

I also got my nails done this morning ready for my bridesmaid duties, cute huh?

Next port of call was town to get some last minute items for next week like eyelashes a strapless bra and trousers for Dale. We are now sorted and ready to start packing! 

Back home for lunch I had some rice cakes topped with sweet onion hummus, the rest of my olive tofu and little gem lettuce, great tasting, healthy and filling. 

The rest of today is going to be filled last minute things to sort out, dropping a case to my dad, keys to our friends that are looking after our cat and so on. Its all very exciting!!

I best get on, enjoy your weekend and make sure you check in tomorrow because I have a little something for ya!!


Have you ever been a bridesmaid, what was your favourite part?

Now I have my bra sorted (its been a nightmare!) and my outfit has all the parts I am getting so excited to watch my little sister marry the love of her life, I think there will be a few tears! 


  1. I've never actually been a bridesmaid. I love the colour of your nails, so pretty!

  2. I was a bridesmaid when I was 6 and my Nan got married- my Mum made our dresses :)
    Hope the wedding goes well.

    1. Awww I bet you looked adorable! Thanks x

  3. Have a fab time chick! I have been a bridesmaid twice and it was a great experience, hope you enjoy every minute :-)