Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! 
Or should I say busy Monday, I literally haven't stopped today which is good as I have longed for a full days work for ages but training 7 clients back to back is pretty hardcore! I don't have to workout with them all which is a blessing as I think I would be dead! ha 

Today I have highlights of my weekend in photo form to share with you, it was all good but there were some bits that stood out........

My afternoon Vipr workout in the garden! The sun was shining and I had a serious beast workout!

498 calories in 48 mins not bad!!!!!!
This was how I earned the big bag of chips I ate for dinner Saturday night! 

Visiting Dales new nephew! Awwwwww such a cutie <3

Making a giant red thai curry with rice noodles and cashews, total comfort food! 

The above meal was eaten last night after a day of shoe hunting round Bluewater which was unsuccessful unfortunately! Getting kind of on edge now, we desperately need some shoes for our bridesmaid duties next month!!

I have another busy day tomorrow but have scheduled blog time so I will be back tomorrow to say hi : )


What was the best thing about your weekend?


  1. A fab Rave fitness class i organised for my closest gym mates. The best hour we have ever spent together - aged 24 to 64 everyone loved it :)

  2. The sun shining is always fab! I had a lovely walk around the lakes on Sunday.

  3. Thai curry is my comfort food as well, that looks delicious!