Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Last Bank Holiday Was Well Spent

Hey everyone, I'm glad to see to many of you have entered my ilumi giveaway already but if you haven't yet you have till Saturday to get your entry in so go do it!

I have had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend, it has been lots of fun spent with my favourite people. I've had some good workouts and eaten some lovely food which means a happy Tamzin : )

Saturday was my the one uneventful day due to the weather not being great. In the morning me and Dale did a killer Biceps, Chest and Abs workout which set us up for the day and I also had clients to train till the afternoon. After my workout I had a delicious juice, loving the juices at the mo! 

We had to pop out in the afternoon to get some shopping and bits for the weekend and whilst in the health food shop I picked up this yummy kind of healthy drink, I love dandelion and burdock : )

The afternoon was spent hanging around at home watching Breaking Bad, we had a late lunch of buckwheat pasta (more on this soon) with feta and veggies. Literally spent the rest of the day chilling and not doing much at all. 

Sunday morning I had my skype client to train and we did legs/cardio which was a good start to the day. I also had another juice because Saturdays was just so good! 

Sunday was glorious weather wise and I went to town to meet my friend Cassie for a coffee and a catch up. That was a well overdue catch up, we hadn't hung out for nearly 2 years but was just the same as ever, thats what you call a true friend : )

After coffee I met up with Dale to do some more shopping, I had some bits to get before going out sunday, yep another night out! 

I had a birthday party to go to Sunday night so I had an early dinner of eggs and veggies perfect and very tasty. The party was lots of fun and even though I got in pretty late I actually didn't feel too bad Monday, bonus! 

Monday morning I had one of my favourite breakfasts rice cakes toped with hard boiled eggs and tomato ketchup. This never fails to please me : )

We spent some more time watching Breaking Bad, eating snacks and generally relaxing before going to pick up Dales sister's dog. We decided to do a seafront walk from Hastings to Bexhill, a good 6 miles!

I actually wanted to visit a friend of mine, this sculpture is a friend that was lost many years ago and it was nice to say hi : )

It was a great walk and just what I needed some light exercise nothing to crazy after a night of dancing on heels for 4hrs! 

We made pizza for dinner and they were awesome! I used some of the leftover gluten free tortillas I had for the base and topped with sundried tomato paste, chorizo, mushroom and feta. These were so good really tasty and perfect hangover food, there was some spinach and pepper on the side too. 

I loved the weekend and didn't want it to end but I must say I am looking forward to a quite one this week. The past few weeks I've been out and its been fun but I am looking forward to just chilling with no alcohol involved this weekend! 


What did you do over the bank holiday?


  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend :) I got back on Monday morning, so spent it unpacking and washing!

  2. Those pizzas really do sound like good hangover food! I had a BBQ with the fam, and hula hooped in the garden, it was good fun!