Thursday, 8 August 2013

Savoury Foods And Lots Of Coffee

Arrrrrrgggghhhh no time no time! 
That is how I am feeling right now, I am so busy I feel like I don't have time to think, there is so much going on which is very exciting but also very time consuming! As I said before I am in desperate need to do catch up post to tell you all why I am so rushed off my feet which I promise is on its way : )

No matter how busy I have been lately I have still made time to eat some healthy foods and drink coffee in all sorts of ways! I have been on a savoury loving kick and have some of my favourite meals to share with you as well the different ways I have been enjoying coffee!

Veggies and tuna, god I love this mix especially when it involves coconut oil and some vegan pesto!

Coffee no.1 freshly brewed with some original rice milk

Again the coconut oil comes into play for this meal, eggs and mushrooms taste so good cooked in it with a side of olives and cucumber

Wow coffee no.2 was insane! I made a caramel coffee protein smoothie and it tasted like heaven on the tongue. I was sent some flavoured coffee to review and I will tell you all about them in my review post. 

Sausages!!!!!! Oh yes on a bed of cauliflower mixed with onions and mushrooms in a smoky bacon sauce, yum!!!!!!

Coffee no.3 straight up black, I had a coffee date with a friend and this was like velvet : )

I have been loving some vegan dishes lately especially just veggies fried up nothing else but a little salt and pepper.

Todays breakfast was coffee no.4 and it was another treat, it was Amaretto coffee and a chocolate protein bomb to be precise! Again this will be talk about more in my review post : )

And last but not least is todays lunch. A mix of cauliflower, mushrooms and courgette with eggs and some vegan pesto scrambled in topped with tamari toasted soy beans. Yes a party in my mouth!

As you can see I have been keeping this healthy through the business. I have a busy weekend ahead but I have penciled in some time tomorrow to blog and catch up with all of your goings on.


When you are busy do you still mange to keep your meals healthy?

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  1. I know that feeling! I do tend to manage to keep it healthy just through healthy habits being so ingrained!