Friday, 9 August 2013

Loving My Cat, Smoothies and Ilumi

Ahhhhhh a couple of hours to myself (kind of!) I have a million and one emails to reply to and loads of things to sort out for the blog but I am enjoying doing that sitting on the couch not having to talk to anyone which is blissful! As you all know I love my job but it does involve A LOT of talking so any quiet time is rather nice : )

This morning after a cuddle from my furry friend (who loves to sleep on my feet!) I was up and out of bed ready to work out my upper body before my tattoo tomorrow, yep another! If you have a tattoo I am sure you know how addictive it is.....I shall be getting the new one on my arm so no upper body workouts tomorrow or sunday for me. 

After my workout I enjoyed a protein smoothie in a bowl topped with almonds. I love eating my smoothie from a bowl especially when they are lovely and thick. I enjoyed this before my first clients turned up. 

Once my clients were trained this morning I popped out to the shops and to my dads to pick up some post. I love getting post, especially when its boxes of goodies! You might remember I did a review of ilumi products back in June, I really enjoyed all the stuff they sent so took advantage of a recent deal they had and my order turned up today, happy Friday! I can't wait to get stuck in, Dale is also a fan so he will be just as excited as I am to get his cook on. I really can't recommend this company enough, you should take a look at their site as they have some awesome deals! I don't normally go for pre-made ready meals or sauces if possible but these have no nasties and taste amazing.

Right I must get on with some other work before my next clients turn up, have a fab Friday peeps : )


Have you tried ilumi yet? 

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  1. I love that Ilumi stuff its so tasty and I love that its free from artificial nasties and additives.