Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kendal Calling with Sailor Jerry

Hiya! Well what a weekend! 
I have finally got some time to sit down and tell you all about what I got up to for the last weekend of July. I hope you all had as much fun as me! 

So last weekend I worked at Kendal Calling Festival for Sailor Jerry Rum. One of my besties is the UK Ambassador which meant I got to go and work for a very cool brand whilst having lots of fun, win win! Your probably thinking Rum and Fitness and Health......don't mix right? Well for me they do, I workout and eat healthy but I also like a rum now and again!

We left Thursday afternoon and drove to Kendal, a good 7.5/8hr drive, I didn't have to do the driving thankfully! We were staying in a B&B which was far more civilised then camping! A good nights sleep and breakfast made for us every morning, pretty awesome! 

2 days I had bacon and egg with gluten free bread then the last day I added a gluten free sausage. Breakfast was so good, everyday a perfectly made poached egg, amazing homemade bread and the bacon was like gammon, amazing! 

My job at the festival was to sell clothes if I was in the shop or put tattoo transfers on the festival goers, it was so much fun and everyone was so friendly and nice : )

We only worked 12 till 6 which meant we got to check the festival out in the evening, I saw Public Enemy and Basement Jaxx among others which were really good, best place to be though was at the Sailor Jerry airstream our DJ's were rocking! 

Food wise I found a vegan place selling one gluten free option which just so happened to be insanely delicious. I had the same spicy veggie burger everyday on a bed of superfood salad and topped with a big dollop of hummus, perfection! 

We had fun on the fair rides......

As well as treating ourselves to ice cream, all in all a fab weekend! I have to admit I was quite glad there wasn't anyone I was dying to see music wise because it made working so much fun! I would definitely go back and do this again, hope you had fun if you were there! 

After the drive home on Monday Tuesday came and I got to meet the new addition to Dale's family.......

How cute is he!??????
Ahhhhhh love this little guy, his name is Logan and he's a darling : )

I also got a new tattoo!!! It was booked ages ago and finally its mine, love it!

This week so far has been super busy and the weekend is looking much the same not that I mind we are off bridesmaid shoe shopping on Sunday fingers crossed we find something! 

I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs over the next couple of days too : )


Have you ever been to Kendal Calling?


  1. Oh I just can't believe that the one year I'm not at Kendal you are there, gutted! When I was there last year a guy from Sailor Jerry took my pic cause of the tattoos I have. Loved the music they played from the SJ trailer!

    1. I know that sucks!! Ha the music was so damn good!!! X

  2. Looks like you had such a fab time!! :-)

  3. I think a B&B is way better than camping- good call!
    Glad you had a good time :)