Thursday, 22 August 2013

August Reviews Part 1

Hello on this rainy Thursday! 
What a difference, waking up to rain and grey skies but I guess we need a little rain. For some reason I had a horrible nights sleep last night so I consoling myself with a large hazelnut coffee and some Sopranos! 

This month I was lucky enough to be sent lots of goodies to try out, it is always a pleasure to try out new products and as always I give my honest opinion of everything I am sent. I have written this as part one as there are a couple of other products I also need to review but as of yet I haven't had time, August has been a crazy month! 

First up is this little box of joy! I say joy because it really is pretty awesome. Saviour Snacks is a company that send out boxes of healthy snacks which contents is tested by their in-house nutritionist to make sure there are:

No trans fats
No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats
No artificial additives, colours or preservatives
No genetically modified foods
No high fructose corn syrup

This appealed even more to me as they have a gluten free option which is what I had, there was an array of yummy snacks in my box like raw chocolate coated goji berries, bounce protein ball, nuts and seeds and lots more, all of which I loved. There are a few of these companies out there offering snacks delivered to your door and I think its a great idea. If you don't have time to dig about the health food stores or you don't have one near by this is for you, healthy snacks delivered to your door you can't go wrong!

Oxo Good Grips Tongs

I've been quite lucky to have been sent a few Oxo products in the past and non of them disappoint including these good grips tongs. I have needed a decent pair of tongs for ages so when asked if I wanted to review these it was a big YES! Once again I am really pleased with their product, these tongs have silicone heads which means they don't scratch your pans even when you scrap them plus they are easy to clean! I also like the non-stick handles and thumb rests it makes them easy to use and they don't slip out of your hands. There is also a lock on these so they are easily stored a total winner. Thanks Oxo this is another fab product! 

I'm pretty sure you are all aware of how much I like coffee, I drink it black, with rice/almond/coconut milk, as smoothies the list goes on so when Beanies offered to send some flavoured coffee I couldn't wait to try it! I chose Rich Hazelnut, Amaretto and Almond and Caramel

Yummy, these flavours rock! If I am out and about and fancy a sweet treat I often go to Nero and get a blended coffee with one of the above syrups so having them at home makes me happy, I am loving these coffees in blended coffee protein smoothie/frappes so good. I have to say these are quite strong and I do prefer them when I add a little coconut sugar if drinking them as a hot drink but thats fine by me! Beanies also offer flavoured ground coffee and I am thinking I need this in my life, especially the chocolate cherry!!!!! If you like flavoured coffee give these a try you gonna love um : )

I love a protein powder for smoothies or coffee frappes so when I was offered to try this new Paleo protein from Bio-Synergy I was more then happy to do so! This protein is made from Egg Albumen and includes no dairy or gluten, plus it is fat free and very high protein. 

I have been adding this protein to smoothies and its great really filling and because it doesn't have a flavour you can team it with all sorts. I made a superfood smoothie, you can find the recipe here, it was delicious! The only negative I can give this protein powder is the smell, it smells pretty bad in the pot but you cannot taste that when you add it to a smoothie/frappe but I wouldn't drink it alone! If you lead a Paleo lifestyle and are looking for a protein powder I would definitely recommend giving this try. 

When I was contacted about trying the cherryactive products I was very excited, Patrick Holford is always talking about this product and being a keen follower of his I have always been intrigued by them. I'll be honest the only thing that put me off was the price for a small bottle of liquid they are quite expensive but I didn't realise you can actually keep them for up to 3 months once opened! I was sent the CherryActive, BeetActive and BlueberryActive to try along with these cute glasses, thanks! You can dilute these into juices or you can use them neat in smoothies, over yogurt/salad whatever you like really. I have been trying them out in smoothies of course! They add sweetness and taste amazing plus each flavour is filled with health benefits, they are a win win! 

The lovely people at CherryActive have been kind enough to give me a 10% discount code for you guys!!!! Just enter the code TAMZIN10 in the discount box when you go to pay and you will get 10% off, bargain!!!!! This is valid for a whole month so get over there and try this delicious juice if you haven't already and if you have take advantage of this fab deal!!!!!!

There we have it review part one is competed! I hope you enjoyed getting to know some new products I have definitely enjoyed trying them! Thank you to everyone that sent things over for me to review I feel very lucky! 


Do you know any of these products what do you think?


  1. Very interested in the Paleo protein powder, I'll have to look into it!

    1. Oh you should! Great option for the paleo lovers!

  2. Those Savior boxes are great. Snacks to your door is a very popular concept.