Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A New Tattoo and One Too Many Cocktails

Whoooooa! I am finally getting over my weekend, its definitely a sign of getting older when a hangover lasts for 3 days! Yes this healthy blogger got very unhealthy at the weekend but you know what I am human and sometimes a good drinking session with friends is just what the doctor ordered until the next day of course, or 3 in my case! 

My weekend started with some clients to be trained Saturday morning. Once I had finished work I had just enough time to eat some lunch before heading to town.

I made sure to have a filling lunch, veggies and egg, because I was off to town to get a new tattoo! Ha yep another to add to my collection........

This was stage one of my new one, which was actually not too painful, its on the inside of my arm, bicep I'd like to say but its kind of too small to even say that!

Stage two, complete! OUCH!!!!! Hmmm this was very painful but I love it so it was worth the pain!
My saturday night saw me going out with friends and having lots of cocktails, it was fun to see some old friends and catch up but my head definitely took a beating!

I'd definitely getting to a point where hangovers just last for 2 to 3 days, a sign of my age I guess! I have been eating lots of veggies and protein and drinking lots of water to try and feel better. Self inflicted so I deserve no sympathy but i would love for the tiredness to do one now!

This week is another busy one for me, with so much happening all very exciting. In the next few weeks I will be able to tell you all about it and I can't wait but until then you'll just have to wait. 

Have a great week peeps, hopefully I can get on here a bit more then I have been.


What did you do at the weekend?


  1. Your new tattoo is beautiful! x

  2. Love the new tat! I had a few drinks too many at the weekend as well and it was Monday before I fekt right again, definitely think its a sign of age unfortunately!

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes its horrible to admit but it definitely is! x