Friday, 2 August 2013

A Full Day Of Food!

Yay I have found some time to pop in on the sunny Friday and greet you good day! I imagine your all looking forward to the weekend, I know I am : )

Today I have some yummy food from yesterday to share, a whole day of eats actually well other then the few things that slid through the net un-pictured but lets face it we all have those......don't we?!

Yesterday I had an early morning client so before she turned up I had a yummy smoothie in a bowl. This was a mix of protein, spinach, supper eleven, tahini, frozen blueberries, water and ice. Tasty and filling just what I wanted. Once my client was trained and had left I enjoyed an iced coffee with rice milk. 

I had a gap between clients so I got to writing my blog post about Kendal Calling and whilst doing that I ate this yummy protein ball which I got in my Saviour Snacks box which I will be reviewing soon! 

Post finished I got into workout mode and did a killer bicep, shoulders and abs session. I love it the next day when you get muscle ache in the abs it takes a lot for me to feel that so I must have done something right yesterday! 

Post workout I had a vegan lunch of quinoa and veggies topped with savoury seeds, love a good vegan dish! 

The afternoon was spent training clients before my day was over and dinner needed to be made.

Dinner was a taste sensation! I made sweet potato and veg curry topped with 2 perfectly boiled eggs. I used my last ilumi sauce which was sent to me to review a while ago. I have to say I can't big these sauces up enough and their other foods everything I have tasted has been really good and I plan to invest in more because they are so easy to use especially if you need something quick but want it to be tasty and healthy! 

And that was my day, other things that passed my lips were a few almonds and 2 squares of dark chocolate oh and some raw chocolate covered goji berries, love me some chocolate! 

Today I am fully booked with clients which is amazing, can't quite believe how work has turned round. I really need to do a catch up post of goals and work but I am waiting on something I want to share with you, hopefully I will have the details next week!

Have a fab Friday peeps, see ya tomorrow x x 


What are your plans for the day?

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