Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Bit of Time to Myself

This has been the first day of the week where I haven't been run ragged, with only 3 clients scattered through the day it has been pretty restful. I say restful even though I was up at 6.45am doing a high energy workout with a client! Was a great way to start the day and my workout was all done by 7.45am which can't be bad : )

I have my food from yesterday and today so far to share with you, I have noticed that lately I have been eating lot of the same foods like eggs, courgettes, mushrooms and smoothies I sometimes think I need more variety but I love these certain foods plus they fill me up and are easy to make when I pushed for least its all pretty healthy even if it is rather same-y.

Yesterday I made this wonderful superfood smoothie, you can get the recipe here
This was a party in my mouth and as I ate this quite late lunch was rather late too.

My late lunch was eggs, mushrooms and courgettes topped with sweet onion hummus. I was recently introduced to this onion hummus by Dale (he hates any of the others including plain!), I love it and will be buying it more often.

Last night after a very busy day I couldn't wait to sit down and eat dinner. I made a quinoa mix with bacon, broccoli, black olives and zest pesto. I was very kindly given a bag of fresh salad leaves by a client which I had on the side last, yummy, home grown veggies are the best these tasted fab!

As I mentioned at the beginning first thing this morning I did a high energy workout with my client, total sweat fest! 

After getting showered I ate another superfood smoothie this time in a bowl topped with almonds and pumpkin seeds, delicious 

I have finally had my roots bleached which my friend did earlier, it was nice to catch up and have time to actually get them sorted! 

And I have just finished lunch which was again eggs, courgettes and mushrooms but this time topped with tamari toasted soy beans.

I have another client a bit later but other then that I have time to do some blog stuff which is definitely needed plus I am starting a new job, more on this soon, which I need to do some research for. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday x x


What food do you find you eat all the time?

Eggs, mushrooms and courgette are such a good combo I can't get enough! 


  1. I'm so gonna make myself a super smoothie just like yours after my swimming session. Great recipe!!!

  2. It's nice to have time to yourself and do the things that you love. I'm eating a lot of eggs, salad adn roast chicken at the moment.

  3. I eat eggs, courgettes and apples a lot, oh plus spinach but I need to keep an eye on that for the oxalates! Excited to hear all about the new job missus!