Thursday, 18 July 2013

Top 5 Superfood Essentials for a Great Beach Body

Well its been non stop today so I have had no time to come up with a post, so luckily I had a this one ready to role. If you need some tips to get into that bikini read on.......

Summer is here and it's finally time to hang up your wool coat as the showers slowly give way to flowers. Whether you’re hoping to soak up some rays in your back garden or on a beach break, with tankinis, playsuits and swim skirts galore, isme's gorgeous collection of plus size swimwear, means you’re sure to stay ahead of the game. But for a flying start towards a picture perfect silhouette, why not make a few small but effective tweaks to your diet with this list of superfoods too?


These small but mighty wonder-berries are packed full of vitamin C. As well as single-handedly helping to guard against cancer and heart disease, blueberries contain age-defying antioxidants and boost collagen growth for great skin. Work them into fruit salads, porridge or yoghurt for an instant pick-me-up.


Beans are bursting with fibre and water, which helps make you feel fuller for longer – helping you to cut the calories without feeling the pangs. Everything from basic kidney beans, to the French flageolet, can be bought cheaply from the supermarket. Scatter them in your stews and soups to instantly pep up your daily nutrient intake.


Popeye’s leafy green of choice provides ample doses of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. Spinach has also been associated with staying young, both physically and mentally. Its calorie-light yet iron-rich properties make it ideal for a charge of energy for a lively day on the beach. Preparing it doesn’t have to be a bore, as you can cook from both fresh and frozen. Spinach goes down a treat with curries, risotto, and as a salad base.


Almonds are the most calcium-rich nut, and contain B vitamins and essential fats. This means they can satisfy the appetite and curb overeating. Give your salads a smattering, or have them on their own. Reach for a handful to give you a mid-morning boost or in lieu of a tempting sweet treat during the afternoon. They don’t have to be eaten to have an effect either; almond massage oils and almond milk soaps are renowned for their skin enhancing properties.


Salmon is a powerful beauty tool that can keep skin supple and moisturised. A sun-seeker’s best friend, it can even help protect against sunburn.

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