Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Ultimate BBQ Guide

As you know at the weekend I went to my first BBQ of the year, the sun was shining, people were chatting and meats were cooking, it was a lovely Saturday perfect for the BBQ. This actually got me thinking about how I would love for me and Dale to have one at our home, especially as we have a large shared garden to take advantage of. Then I realised I have never hosted a BBQ and to be honest it kind of feels a little daunting! There is always the fear of not cooking the meat properly, making sure there are options for everyone and of course lighting the BBQ!

Thats why when I was sent this Ultimate BBQ Guide from Wren Kitchens my mind has been pretty much cleared of all fear! I think this guide is so good and easy to follow, perfect for the BBQ newbie and long time BBQ host. I also love the fact it gives you veggie and pudding options plus you can print out the guides. I will definitely be using this to help me conquer my BBQ fears and I hope it is off some use to you too, enjoy:

Ultimate BBQ Cooking Guide
Infographic by Wren Kitchens


What do you like best about BBQ's?

I love the social side but I gearing myself up for the cooking, lets just hope this weather holds out! 

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