Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Top Tips How to Save Water and Energy

Hey everyone! Well its been a while and thats because its been non stop this side of the screen! What with work and Dales birthday weekend I have hardly had time to sit down let alone pop in here and say hi. I have a big weekend post coming for you but as I am off for a night away fishing I have a post about saving energy and water to share with you. 

Since moving into a flat of my own saving energy and water has become vital especially as I don't want big bills to pay, but who does?! Also I am a lover of the environment and any way I can help I do so here are my top tips on how to.........

Got a dishwasher? Only use your dishwasher once its full and don't bother to scrape the dishes its a waste of water!

No dishwasher? If like me you don't have a dishwasher and you wash by hand then don't just leave the tap running! Fill up the bowl wash your dishes then with cold water rinse off the soap. Also limit the amount of times you change the water. I always wash glasses and not so dirty items first then move on to the dirtier stuff this means I only use one bowl of water : )

Washing Machines again always wash a full load this will save water, washing half loads is a waste!

Taps should always be turn off, no dripping tap is a good tap! When brushing my teeth I only have the tap on to rinse my brush I never leave it just running, I do the same when washing my hands.

Shower or Baths? I think this depends on how long you shower for! I have pretty quick showers, I don't like baths anyway and for me with such a busy life quick showers work but if your under the shower for ages then the water is just wasting away so maybe baths would be better?

Save Energy

Turn off your switches! One of the easiest ways to save energy in your home is to turn off your appliances at the switch and not leave them on standby. Since moving into my own home I have got very good at this one!

Don't leave your fridge/freezer door open. Once you have what you need shut the doors or close them between getting items out.

Take a bag! When you go shopping take re-useable bags with you.

Put a lid on it! When your cooking, where possible, keep a lid on your pans to reduce heat loss.

There we have it my top tips on saving water and energy. I'm sure you have some tips of your own too but if you would like some more then check out Happier Homes they have more tips and ideas to help you round the home.


What are your top water and energy saving tips?


  1. I read that a dishwasher is generally more efficient than washing by hand- but we only put ours on when it is full (we have a small one anyway). I also heard that most of the water boiled in the average kettle is not used- since we got our hot cup thing we only use the kettle for a whole teapot- the hot cup thing heats the right amount of water so no waste. :)

    1. The hot cup device sounds interesting!

  2. Nice read! One person doing his or her bits saves lots of energy.switch on the kitchen and other home appliances when they are required. Always double check in your house for the unnecessary devices running in your house. Try to maintain the appliances with good electrical services like I used to take from Mactec Electrical in Australia and keep regular check that they are working properly. Old appliances consume more energy and can lead large unexpected bill also.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with this post. I do this one thing on a regular. Thanks for keeping us mindful of our habits and how to better save.