Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I Caught a Fish!

Yay finally I have time to sit and write a blog post, hooray! 
What a weekend, these past few days have been so much fun but we haven't stopped really well no where near a computer thats for sure! It was Dales Birthday yesterday but we started the celebrations Friday so its been 4 days of fun which has been great but tiring, ha! 


I organised a party for Dale at one of our favourite bars so before we headed out I made dinner and tanned! Then it was off to party the night away, and that we did, well until 11.30pm when Dale was um very drunk shall we say and I had to take him home! Ha at least he enjoyed the few hours we were out! 


After a much needed lie in me and Dale had breakfast before my only client of the weekend. Once my hour of work was done we chilled until the afternoon then when we met my dad, sister and her hubby for the St.Leonards Festival. It was a lovely afternoon, we went for a refreshing drink in a new vegan cafe that has just opened up, walked along the stalls and watched a Bluegrass band all in the sunshine, perfect. Me and Dale had to say our goodbyes early evening because we had a dinner date with Dales dads side of the family. I arranged a table at a pub called the Queens Head which has great food, pub food made really well! I had a a grilled sea bass for my main and mint chic chip ice cream for desert, so good! I also arranged for some cupcakes to be brought out with a candle so we could all sing happy birthday and embarrass Dale it worked! Ha ha a fab Saturday : )


On Sunday Dale took me carp fishing for the night!!!!! OMG I had so much and I actually caught my first fish! Well it was team work Dale reeled it in and I netted it, weighed it and had my photo taken with it. I did that 3 times and found it very exciting! The lake was beautiful and so relaxing I can see why he loves it so much : )

I made a delicious dinner from some of the ilumi products I was sent, aromatic Thai red curry sauce was the bomb! We stayed till around 12ish Monday then needed to get out of the heat, it was sweltering! Then Monday night we went to Dales mums for a birthday BBQ where I met some cute dogs that belonged to some friends of his mum. 

All in all a fab four days but I was dying to do some proper exercise by today and loved my workout earlier! Today has been another busy day and the week looks pretty jam packed at the moment but I have made sure to schedule in some blog time, I hate not getting in regular posts. 

I hope you all had a fab weekend in the sunshine, looking forward to catching up with all your blogs over the next few days x x


What was your favourite thing you did this weekend?


  1. You are such a cute couple :-) looks like you had a great time! We went for a BBQ at my parents and that was great, I even caught a bit of a tan!

    1. Thanks! We really did, I am loving the BBQ season we are planning one soon and I can't wait!

  2. Well my friend, that it quite some fish you caught: kudos!

  3. Listening to music in the sunshine sounds just wonderful :)
    I think going to our allotment was my favourite thing- it is relaxing there being outside, plus at the moment I get to pick loads of fruit which is a bonus!

    1. Sounds lovely I would love an allotment!