Thursday, 25 July 2013

How Can Cruises Keep You Healthy?

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that cruises are all about over-indulgence. Images of buffet tables piled high with the unhealthiest version of everything that your heart desires and of course, all of the alcohol. However, fortunately for your arteries – this just isn’t the case. In fact cruises can be remarkably healthy for you and often at times cruises are available at a discount price, so healthy for your wallet too!

There are healthy options too…
Although it may take every ounce of willpower that you can muster, if you drag your eyes away from those cakes and pastries, you will see that there are far healthier choices lurking in the shadows. Keep those carbs to a minimum, stick to lean proteins and fill up on fruit and vegetables when you can. When it comes to drinks – you don’t have to drink pint after pint of lager – why not instead sip on gin and slim line tonic. Far healthier.

Get active
The sun lounger may be calling you, and that’s all very well, but cruise ships now offer a wealth of ways that you can burn some calories before you retire by the pool with a good book. Whether you opt to get in an early gym session before breakfast, partake in a group exercise class or perhaps try something a little more adventurous like rock climbing or a surf simulator – try your best to do something active each and every day. Look at it this way, if you work up a sweat every day – that glass of wine in the evening will be all the more enjoyable and of course, guilt-free!

Take the stairs
In case you hadn’t noticed, cruise ships are rather large and have multiple floors. Rather than take elevators everywhere – remember you can always take the stairs. Or, in the middle of the day, why not enjoy a stroll around the deck. Another option if you are stopping somewhere fun is to get out and explore – be active.

Spa treatments
In reality, how often do we get the opportunity to treat ourselves to a nice little spot of pampering? So rarely! Being on a cruise is a great chance to take some time for yourself with a detoxifying massage, maybe an acupuncture session – even a colonic irrigation for those of you who aren’t too squeamish. After all, holidays are for relaxing the body, mind and spirit – it would be rude not to.


ave you ever been on a cruise, how did you keep it healthy?

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