Friday, 19 July 2013

Health Shop Favourites, Having No Time and a Cheeky Cat

Happy Friday! Yay the weekend is nearly here and that can only mean smiles all round right? I hope so because its made have a massive smile : )
This past week has been so hectic, in a good way but tiring all the same. I have to admit I have been a little overwhelmed lately with trying to get everything done, I don't know about you but if I don't do regular posts I start to feel a little uneasy then I get frustrated with how little time I have at the moment but more this later lets talk about yummy food and sweaty exercise....for a change! Ha

Yesterday I started the day with cornflakes so no need for a picture, this was followed by clients to train till lunchtime.

Lunch was a mix of veggies and eggs scrambled up into a mish mash meal, love those! 

Then the rest of the day I trained more clients right up till dinner time, I have to say I am loving actually doing a full days work, especially work I love!

For dinner I made a simple meal with a punch of flavours. I roasted some veggies seasoned with paprika, garlic, pepper and salt which turned out perfectly. The veggies went along side some savoury tuna quinoa which I made with tinned tuna, red quinoa, walnut oil and apple cider vinegar, this is so good and the vinegar really complements the tuna, a must try!  

Bedtime came and someone was particularly tired! Look how cute my cat is actually under the covers snoozing away like he owns the place, ha ha ha, love him!

This morning started with a workout in a local park with a client. The weather was perfect, a warm wind but being 7am it was not too hot : )

After another bowl of cornflakes for todays breakfast I had a client to train before walking into town to pick up some bits. Get ready I found the BEST ice lolly EVER!

OMG while in the health food shop, my last stop before walking back home, I found this insanely good ice lolly which is completely new to me. Coconut water and pineapple!!!!!!!!! I see a new addiction forming for the summer months, so refreshing I will have to go back for more : )

In the health food shop I picked up a few favourites I like to splash out on when I can so I thought I'd share them with you.

Zest vegan basil pesto. I love the flavour of this and it transform any meal, I use it to mix through rice/quinoa and on top of rice cakes or mushrooms for a tasty snack. biona virgin coconut oil is always in the cupboard because I use it for many things. I cook with it, use it as a body and face moisturiser, put it on nat bites (I got a few whilst fishing, it takes away the sting and itch plus makes them go down quickly), a cleanser, to shave my legs and the list goes on needless to say its a home staple! 

I love this olive tofu I only buy it once in a while but it never disappoints its quite salty but I think thats why I like it and a can of coconut milk always good to have in the cupboard. 

Once home I enjoyed some of the tofu I bought on some rice cakes topped with hummus I also had some lettuce and raw sugar snap peas perfect lunch for the hot day we have had.

I had an afternoon visit from sid, he is moulting like crazy at the moment which is a bit of a nightmare! 

This afternoon I had a client to train then its been all computer work, my eyes are feeling slightly square.

I pulled myself away from the computer to make dinner which was very yummy. I made a savoury rice salad with brown rice, raw courgette and mushrooms, black olives and some of the vegan pesto I picked up then topped with boiled eggs which were leftover from yesterday. 

A little more chat about having very little time. As you all know I work for myself as a qualified personal trainer and until now its been a slow and very frustrating journey but this has all changed in the past few months and I have more clients then I've ever had, which is amazing! I'm really proud of how far I have come and that finally things seem to be working out. All the time I have had to put into making my business work has meant that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat and as I mentioned when I can't post I get frustrated. I have put lots of work into this blog over the past 5 years and I don't want that to change but I can't do everything which is why lately I have been having more guest posts. I  don't want you to think that Salad and Sequins is going to become guest post after guest post but while I am finding it difficult to pop in as much I want to still be posting something which is why I have done some more of these posts. I can assure you once my job is more settled and I can get my time management sorted I will be here more regularly. I hope you can understand that and support me on this journey : )

Ok got that off my chest! Tomorrow I am working till lunch time, then meting a friend for a catch up and coffee before going fishing again! I'm very excited, last time it was so much fun. Then Sunday we have a dog walked planned, another busy weekend! I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine whatever you doing x x


Are you good with time management? 

I need to get good at this pretty quick! 


  1. Ypur health food shop staples are the same as mine, I'e not had a few of those in awhile, although I think I'll be looking out for that ice lolly next time. I'm exactly like you on the blogging front, unfortunately finding a job and sorting m move down to Cardiff has to be a priority. It is definitely frustrating as you feel the longer you go without blogging, the more you have to say and it can get a bit overwhelming!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one!!

  2. I love that Zest pesto- the last time I was in Brighton I think I bought 4 jars, and have only just run out (that was back in Feb for the half marathon!)- and that coconut water ice lolly sounds amazing!!

    1. It really is the don of ice lollies!

  3. I can completely empathise with the time thing, I sometimes feel overwhelmed too! And I agree about that feeling when you don't post! I think the best approach is to not sweat it and prioritise as much as possible. I have a to do list and sometimes I need to get real with myself and shorten it!