Sunday, 7 July 2013

Girls Night and a BBQ

Hey everyone, what a glorious weekend! I am dropping in rather late so here is what I got up to in pictures with minimal words...........

Friday Night

Friday night was girls night!

My sister held a girl night round hers which you can read all about here.

She made a wonderful spread of foods

A definite favourite of mine were the mini carrot cakes topped with carrot hummus

The fresh fruity salad was so yummy

There was also some cucumber non alcoholic sangria which was a taste sensation for the tongue! 

Here's my plate, yum! 


I worked Saturday morning then we went to a friends birthday BBQ I soaked up some rays and indulged in a few of these

I had sausages and salad for lunch and some chicken kebabs later on.


After the BBQ we ended up going into town for few drinks for another friends birthday so it was a late night in the end. The only way to sort our fuzzy heads after my two clients were trained this morning was to go to the shops for the ingredients to make a homemade breakfast! Delish!

Today has been super lazy hanging with Dale before a very busy week ahead, this month is panning out to be a hectic one! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine, hopefully I will get more time tomorrow to sit down and write an un-rushed post! 


How did you enjoy the sunshine?


  1. The weather was just gorgeous this weekend!
    I had a lovely walk in the park on Saturday morning, helped out at the school fayre later, had a run late on Saturday, went out for the morning on Sunday... been outside loads and it is lovely :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time, all of that food looks lovely!

  3. Your sis's party looks fab! This weather has been fab hasn't it, I hope it lasts :-)

    1. It was lovely, can't beat a night with the girls! Me too long may it last!!! X