Tuesday, 23 July 2013

An Average Tuesday

Hiya, what a weird feeling day its been, the weather has been so muggy! I guess we really need some rain but I will be happy once its gone back into hiding! Especially for the weekend, working at a festival is not gonna be that great in the rain! 

Today has been an average kind if day, I was up early to do my own workout followed by 2 two clients.

I tried a new to me product which was bloody lovely, I shall be telling you all about it in my review post that will hopefully be up on the blog tomorrow time depending! 

I met my friend for a coffee, I didn't have sugar but how cute is that sugar bowl!? We had lots to discuss about the business proposal I mentioned the other day. We have a meeting tomorrow with some important peeps to discuss things further so once I have some definite info I will be sure to share it with you : )

I had a lovely bowl of veggies, egg and rice scramble for lunch. This was really tasty and really filling just what the doctor ordered. Then more clients this afternoon.

I am finally done for the day, well I still have to make dinner but thats fun! Chicken and veggies is on the menu tonight so with a hungry boyfriend just returned from work I best get on.

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the thunder!


  1. I know I really want the sun back! Hope all the businessy stuff goes well!

  2. I love those floral mugs, so pretty!

    1. Me too total Kath Kidston addict!

  3. Hope your meeting goes well :)