Monday, 8 July 2013

A Great Monday + Loving My Job

Well it seems another day has run away from me and I am back again pretty late, today has been a great start to the week. I've had a fab day with my clients, a couple had their 2 months stats taken and the results are amazing! I'm so proud of my clients and myself for hitting target after target, I have definitely started to feel that this is was the right career path for me I am loving my job right now : )

In between clients and my own workouts today I have eaten some rather tasty food.........

After my first client had been trained and left I made breakfast. I have been loving cornflakes at the mo topped with desiccated coconut, seeds and banana.

After breakfast I had more clients to train then did my own upper body workout.

Post workout snackage came in the form of rice cakes topped with tahini, banana and cinnamon. I had 1/2 a banana leftover from breakfast : )

I had one more client before lunch......

Then enjoyed this plate of yumminess, salad with bacon and egg omelet 

Plus some of these yummy chickpeas, loving these snack packs. Full review coming soon!

This afternoon I had a skype training session which meant workout no.2 for me, full body attack!

For dinner I made a bowl of vegan loveliness, just veggies with rice/quinoa and toasted pumpkin seeds. Delicious and really filling, job done.

For pudding I had this yummy iced mango and mint pudding, recipe coming soon!

A pretty good Monday if you ask me. I am out all day tomorrow so I shall say have a fab Tuesday and I'll see ya Wednesday x x


Did your week start well?

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