Monday, 22 July 2013

A Fun Filled Weekend

Here's to another sunny start to the week, I could definitely get used to this glorious weather I have fingers and toes crossed its going to stick around : )

I had a fabulous weekend filled with lots of fun stuff and good food, how weekends should be right?!

Saturday morning started early, I had my first clients at 7.50am so I had a mini breakfast before setting off. 2 eggs scrambled with some mushrooms, perfect!

Back home to train more clients, this time I did the workout too. I actually put my watch on late so I burned more calories then this but I was pretty stoked with 363 calories in 36 minutes, good work! 

I had enough time to make a quick protein slushy before my next client turned up for post workout/breakfast no2. This was a tahini mocha protein slush which tasted amazing! I used choc protein, rice milk, ice, raw coco, coffee, and tahini and it went down a treat! I trained the next 2 clients then it was time for lunch.

I made a tofu and cashew rice salad, very simple, filling and tasty. I had a date with an old friend after lunch..........

Me and Maggie met in the park and had a cold drink whilst having a good chat and catch up. The sun was shining and it was lovely to meet up with my friend, we definitely don't see each other enough but life just gets in the way I suppose : )

A while later I was in Dales car supping this fabulous coconut water lolly on my way to the lake for another fishing trip! 

The weather turned pretty gloomy by the time we got to the lake but to be honest setting up in the sun isn't much fun so the change in the weather was ok for us! 

Once we had everything sorted we made dinner, GF sausage wraps with a new to me GF wrap. I was pretty excited to try this and tried to forget how expensive the wraps were, (nearly £3 for 3 wraps!), and just enjoy. Hmmmm these were ok but afterward I got a really bad belly ache so wont be eating them again! Ah well you win some you lose some. 

Later on we definitely won by catching this beast! 17lb to be exact, ha ha I held this better then last time! 

Sunday we packed up and were home by 12ish, we had lunch, mine was rice cakes topped with vegan pesto, boiled egg and mushrooms, then got ready to pick up our favourite pup : )

We took this beauty out to Fairlight, where my sister now lives, and went walking it was so hot by the time we got to the cafe we were all dying for a refreshing cold drink! I had a mango and passionfruit smoothie, perfect. 

After taking Blue home me and Dale spent last night chilling until bed, another fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to the next too as I am working at the Kendal Calling Festival but more on that another day, for now enjoy the sun and I shall see you soon x


Have you ever been fishing, did you enjoy it?

I'm loving it and look forward to going again!

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  1. I've just been eating a lovely portion of salmon that my friends partner caught, but I've never been fishing myself, that one looks huge!