Thursday, 6 June 2013

What I've Been Up To

Like the rest of you I am loving this weather, what a joy to get up in the morning to warm sunny weather long may it last. Well I hope it at least lasts till the day I get back from Glastonbury! As I mentioned my mum has been over from Ireland so the weekend, Monday and Tuesday were spent hanging out with her and its been so nice, it was sad to say goodbye on Tuesday night but not long and we will off to Ireland, its my little sisters wedding in September which is very exciting!!!!

What have been up to then for past couple of days? Read on to find out.........

Tuesday after a sweaty workout and some eggs for breakfast I was picked up by my mum and sister and we went to Eastbourne for the morning with one agenda bridesmaid dresses! This coconut water fuelled me through the dress trying on : )

We stopped for coffee in Patisserie Valerie, I had a black coffee straight up

The cakes there are wonderful but I resisted! This week I have been doing a food challenge with my clients and cake is definitely not on the plan! 

All dressed out we went back to my sisters, I took my lunch with me. Chicken and salad. 

We took my mum up to Gatwick in the evening so it was a long old day.

Wednesday I woke with my upper body screaming at me, muscle got a real going over Tuesday so I took the day off, definitely needed. I had veggies and eggs for breakfast perfect protein to feed my sore muscles : )

After breakfast I trained a couple of clients before walking to the Tattoo shop for my day shift there.

I loved working in the shop, it helps the guys in there are old friends and the people who tattoo me. The only thing was it made me really REALLY want to get tattooed. I am booked for a new one in July but there might be a sneaky one before that! 

I walked back home then trained another client before dinner.

Dinner was so good, I had some lettuce and leftover roasted broccoli with an egg white omelette filled with tuna, yummers! 

This morning I had eggs again, love my eggs! I had some more roasted broccoli with eggs and courgettes cooked in coconut oil.

I met my friend Roxanne in Battle for a coffee and a catch up which was lovely, she is my oldest friend and I love her!

Back home again and more chicken for lunch before meeting a new client.

So there we are thats whats been going on this side of the screen, I really must do a catch up/goals post to check in with those I promise its coming soon! There is just so much going on right now but I am definitely not complaining.

Time to make the dinner I guess, turkey and courgette meatballs are on the menu, tasty!

Have a wonderful Thursday evening I shall hopefully see ya soon x x


What have you been loving this week?


  1. Glad you've been keeping busy! The sun shine has been lovely hasn't it :-) Hope you enjoy your meatballs!

  2. The sunshine has been fab this week :)

  3. Those cakes look gorgeous. Have a great weekend!