Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sweaty Workouts, Yummy Food And A New Tattoo

Well the last couple of days have been and gone and I finally have time to pop in and say hello, not that I have long as I have a few client sessions to plan but I couldn't leave it another day, I miss you guys!

What have I been up to?

Lots of sweaty workouts of my own, this is my post workout sweat face!

Loving my watch too it gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing the calories I've burned : )

Eating homemade meatballs and veggies 

My faithful veggie scrambles for breakfast have been filling me up

Leftovers for lunch always a favourite 

This meal was great! Egg white omelette filled with tuna and avocado yummy!

Protein shake for weekend breakfast

A new tattoo at the end of my Saturday shift in the tattoo shop! 

And another protein smoothie today, a review for the protein I have been using is coming soon.

I have lots to share with you actually its just getting the time to sit back and write it all up, this is going to be another busy week but I have some time planned out to really get some blog posts written up and published for you guys : )

Not that I am complaining as the reason for not having time is because I have lots of new clients which is amazing! Right I must say good night and get on with these sessions x x


What's the best thing you did this weekend?

I love my new tattoo!


  1. The best thing I did was get a new and unexpected pb at a half marathon!

    1. Go you that's amazing!!!! I am hoping to do a half marathon next myself plenty of time to prepare!!!

  2. The best thing I did was spendign time with the hubby and going for a bike ride.

  3. Love the tattoo! Glad you have been getting plenty more clients :-) Best thing I did was finish my detox!

    1. Thanks lovely! Can't wait to find out how it went x

  4. Best thing I did was have two amazing bbq's on the beach!

    1. Lovely! I need to get organised next time it's sunny!! X