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June Reviews: ilumi, Cocofina and Dormeo Octaspring!!!!!

Hey everyone, I have some time to drop in at last! Because I have a little time today I am getting my June review post in now as who knows when I will get time again this month what with Glastonbury looming and masses to get sorted before hand! I have had a few new clients starting this month which I mentioned before, this has been so great I love getting new clients and starting new journeys with people but my time is getting taken up thats for sure. Which means I need to get this post up and out there! 

As always I want to say how grateful I am to all those companies that offer me products for review it is a real bonus of writing a blog. I have said this before but I will remind you all anyway I have lots of offers to review stuff but I only say yes to things I am intrigued by and I think will be of interest to you. My reviews are honest, I say exactly what I think and if I don't get on with something I will tell you about it. Luckily for me the following products I have been sent are pretty awesome, let me share.........

ilumi are a new range of convenience foods that are nut, milk and gluten free! ilumi is a company based in County Durham, the meals are thought up by a team of nutritionists and chefs with a knowledge of food allergies plus are cooked and packaged on site. They use British suppliers and know exactly where their ingredients come from to give you piece of mind when eating their products. The range also comes packaged in convenient sized packs and pouches to make it easy to pop in your bag to take to work or store in the cupboard or fridge.

They were very kind and sent me a good range of products to try which included:


Lucky me right? I have not as yet used all of the above as I usually cook my meals from scratch but these are so useful to have when you are limited on time.

So far I have tried the sweet chili stir fry sauce which we drizzled over some meatballs YUM! This was a big thumbs up, lovely flavour, not overly sweet either like some sauces. Dale needed some food to take fishing with him so I thought he could be my official taster for a couple of the other meals. He took the chickpea jalfrezi which he teamed with some chicken and brown rice. His words were "bloody lovely!". He also tried the beef casserole and had it with brown rice too, he loved this meal as well, he said these were perfect to take with him fishing and gave him a filling meal to look forward to in the evening! I was so happy he liked them as usually he takes foods that aren't as wholesome so these are perfect for him. 

To round up I really like ilumi meals, if you are pushed for time and need something quick that is tasty but not filled with the usual nasties then these are a great option. They taste like real food because they contain real food! If you are someone that needs healthy convenient food then you should give these a try plus if you spend over £20 across the range you will get £10 off till the end of June!!!

The next product I want to talk about is my beloved coconut water! If you follow my blog or my instagram account you will know I love coconut water so when asked if I would like to review some cocofina I said a big yes! Coconut water I find is refreshing, a great sports drink as it is naturally isotonic (hydrating), low in calories and tastes delicious, an all round winner! Cocofina was a new to me coconut water brand even though they have been around since 2005! 

This brand certainly doesn't disappoint, their coconut water is really yummy and the cartons are perfect for popping in your bag to take out with you for the day. The name cocofina stands for 'Fine coconut water' and that it is. I will definitely be buying this when I see it in the shops and am in need of a refreshing hit of coconut water! 

Last but not least......

When people talk about health and fitness sleep isn't always the first thing to come to mind but it should be! If you have a comfortable 7+ hours sleep it helps to keep you slim, in a good mood and ready for the day ahead. Everybody needs sleep to function properly and a goodnights sleep is definitely important to me, I know if I have less then 6/7 hours sleep I feel more hungry and restless. Thats why I said yes to trying out an Octaspring memory foam pillow. I had a back pillow but it was so old I'm sure it was doing more harm then good so this offer couldn't have come at a better time! 

The pillow I chose to review is the Octaspring Evolution a unique pillow which has a centre made of soft memory foam octapillow springs that support the head. These middle softer springs are surrounded by firmer ones to support the neck. This pillow helps to align the spine and give a restful nights sleep. 

After hurting my back a few years ago I like my pillow to be firm and this is perfect, it is really firm but soft at the same time and gives masses of support. It made it obvious the pillow I had was definitely no good! Even Dale who likes his pillows to be really squashy loves my new pillow so before long I think we will have to invest in another one for him : ) 

These kind of pillows at first may seem expensive but when we are talking a good nights sleep I think spending a little extra is totally worth it. As I said we will be getting one for Dale as he is so jealous of mine and if you like a firm supportive pillow I would say go take a look at the Octaspring site. They have 4 pillows to choose from depending on your needs as well as mattress toppers, mattresses and beds if you need the full kit! Go take a look!!

Ok there we have it my June review post is complete, I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to ilumi, Cocofina and Dormeo Octaspring for being kind enough to send me products to review it has been a real pleasure and your products are fabulous! 


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?

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  1. I love coconut water- I have not seen that brand before but I agree they are so good for a refreshing drink in the summer.