Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Choosing the Right Gym

Today I wanted to talk about gyms and what you take into account when choosing the right gym for you. As you know I am a freelance personal trainer but I worked in a gym when I first started out after my training and have also been a member of a gym since my fitness journey began over 10 years ago.

When I first began training I belonged to a tiny little gym just down the road from where I lived, it had a few weight machines and a couple of cardio machines but being new to exercise thats all I needed. Once I started to train more I decided it was time to upgrade to a gym that offered more. I wanted to try workout classes liked the thought of swimming and more gym equipment like 

I found one that offered all of those things and never looked back! Having other options made me love exercise even more. I guess it also flicked the switch in my head that made me want to become a trainer. I think having variety really helps keep you motivated if you switch things up for example go the gym on Monday, Tuesday a Spinning class, Friday Circuits then a weekend swim!

For those of you that aren’t a member of a gym but are thinking about it I would definitely recommend going for one that has lots of options like a gym, pool and classes it makes exercising more fun and your more likely to stick to the plan. You also have lots of professionals around to ask questions and help you exercise in a safe way to prevent injury and guide you towards the right exercise to help you with your personal goals.


Do you belong to a gym, what were your preferences when choosing the right gym for you?


  1. I wanted a range of group ex classes and so glad I chose grange paddocks because it has just got bigger and better. Shame the general manager hasn't increased the studio size with it though. But then she doesn't seem to understand group exercise. We are a very social group to which is nice.

  2. I did belong to the local gym, because I used to go a few times a week and it worked out cheaper, but now I have a discount card and just pay for the classes as I go. I would look for the range and availability of classes, and also the opening times.
    But as I mostly run outside I probably wouldn't join one.