Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chicken 3 Ways

Well I am in a total rush as always but thought I would pop in and share with you my chicken addiction! I will hopefully be back tomorrow with more time to sit back and have a good old chat with you guys I also have lots of things to share with you but thats for another day........

Chicken 3 Ways

Basically I roast a pan of chicken then eat it over the next few days with Dale it makes for quick and easy meals that are protein rich! For this batch I marinated the chicken in garlic, turmeric, herbs and olive oil for a few hours then roasted for about 35/40 minutes job done!

Breakfast: straight up on its own delicious and filling

Lunch: served with salad and sweet pots with a little coconut oil

Dinner: served with more salad and a dollop of black olive pate yummers!


How do you like your kitchen?

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