Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Carb Fest!

OMG I can't believe Glastonbury is only 2 sleeps away, I am so overly excited! I also have so much to do before Thursday in between training clients, I just hope this weather stays : )

So yesterday turned out to be a carby day, I haven't been eating that many carbs lately but yesterday they came in a few forms and I welcomed them open armed! 

Monday started with my early morning fitness class, 6.15am on the seafront! Followed by a bowl of coconut brown rice with cinnamon and pineapple: carb fest 1

I took a leaf out of Laura's book and tried a black coffee with coconut oil.....wow so good! 

Yesterdays lunch was an egg and veggie scramble including sweet potato: carb fest 2

In the afternoon I trained clients then drove to my sisters where I was staying for the night.

My sister made a glorious dinner of cashew and sesame stir fry on a bed or quinoa: carb fest 3

Lots of carbs as you can see but it felt good and my tummy was happy and satisfied all day! I had a lovely evening at my sisters it was a much needed night of sister fun, now she lives a little further away I enjoy going over to hers to stay even more : )

Today started with a training session for my sister before I headed home to have my own killer workout which was followed by this pretty purple smoothie.

I have just got back from a massive Glastonbury shop so its time to relax before a busy Wednesday. See ya tomorrow x x


What carbs are you loving?

Rice and quinoa are top for me : )


  1. Quinoa and sweet potato are my faves- but they have less of an impact on blood sugar levels than the white carbs like flour/ normal potatoes etc.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the coffee! For me quinoa and sweet potatoes just like Maria!

  3. Did you blend the cocnout oil into the coffe or just stir it in: blending it takes it to a whole new level! I hope you are enjoying Glasto!