Monday, 10 June 2013

Activate Nutrition

Hello, today I am going to talk protein and not the usual protein that you all see here most days there is no chicken in sight! To be honest I prefer to get my protein from whole foods like chicken, eggs and tuna but when I was asked by the kind folk over at Activate Nutrition if I would like to try out some whey protein powder I thought I would take up the offer as I am experimenting with dairy as you know. 

I was sent a pot of chocolate Diet Protein Plus to try out which was very generous, thank you!
This particular protein is aimed at those wanting to build lean muscle whilst reducing body fat. It has lots of ingredients to help control weight, you can get a full product run through if you go to the link above. To be honest the weight loss isn't the thing I am most interested in its the taste! 

I've been having lots of fun trying out the protein powder in my smoothies. Straight up in a glass with added banana, raw cocoa, avocado and ice, in a bowl topped with coconut, mixed with tahini, wheatgrass and frozen blueberries or my personal favourite with banana, tahini, ice and spinach with a topping and eaten from a bowl of course! I really like the taste of this protein it doesn't taste artificial like many powders do plus it gives me no tummy problems at all, bonus! I only use water when making smoothies with it too and it tastes fine even with water on its own it tastes ok which is saying something. I would say if you are somebody that likes to have daily or weekly protein shake this is definitely worth a try I'm pretty sure you wont be disappointed! 

And with the above stats its a great shake to have after ya workout! 

I am now going to hand over to one of the guys at Activate Nutrition so he can tell you about another one of there products enjoy.........


Many of us will know the benefits of supplementing the usual multivitamins; cod liver oil, vitamin C but what about ZMA?

ZMA is a health supplement consisting of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium are easily overlooked in their importance and benefits to our overall health.

Unfortunately with today’s modern diets, the majority of people are not getting their RDI (recommended daily intake) of both magnesium and zinc. In fact, it is believed as much as 70% of people in the UK do not even come close. This is why it is so important to know the benefits of supplementing these minerals for our health.

Fight Fatigue

Magnesium in particular has been shown to help with our recovery and sleep patterns. This is done by helping control the adrenaline glands, which are two very small glands that are found on the top of our kidneys.The best way to think of these glands is like a car engine. When you are pushing an engine to its limits to go faster, eventually you must slow down and let it cool off. This is the equivalent of our none-stop hectic lifestyles. We are do not stop from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed at night. This causes a great deal of stress and can lead to these glands being over worked, draining them of their energy. In order to keep these glands fit and healthy, they require adequate amounts of magnesium, which will allow them to recover faster and keep up with our lifestyles.

Fight Common Illnesses 

In order to fight common illnesses such as the flue and colds, a healthy immune system is needed. When we become unwell with flu, zinc in particular is a much-needed mineral. This is because our bodies use high levels of zinc to produce the immune cells we need to combat the flue germs.

Increased Protein Synthesis

Whether you’re a cross fitter, runner or general gym-goer the process of protein synthesis is key to better recovery. Do you know that feeling when you wake up sore the next day after exercise? This is because when we push ourselves during a workout, we breakdown the muscle fibres which results in that sore feeling. In order for your muscles to recover, they perform a process called protein synthesis. This is the process in where your body takes amino acids from the protein we have eaten and utilises them to rebuild the muscle fibres. This process has shown to be improved when the RDI of both Zinc and Magnesium are achieved consistently.

Why is there Vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 may sound like a strange addition to this supplement mix but it actually plays a key role. This is because vitamin B6 has been shown to increase the amount of magnesium and zinc that can be absorbed by the body. This helps to ensure that the maximum zinc and magnesium is absorbed. This is also why it is best to use a ZMA supplement rather than taking both magnesium and zinc separately.
ZMA is a supplement that has been seen as something used by gym-goers and sports people but as you can see this supplement has many benefits for everyday life. As with all vitamins and minerals, it is always a good idea to get these naturally from food sources. However, to help ensure you hit your RDI everyday, it is always good practice to reinforce your diet with a supplement such as Activate Nutrition ZMA.


Do you use a protein powder, if so which one and why?


  1. I have tried a few but they never agree with me- I find the texture funny and sort of chalky, and then they give me tummy ache. I think I get enough protein in my diet anyway- I think that the west is a bit protein obsessed at times but people are not usually deficient in it.

    1. Totally agree! This one is definitely not chalky though which us why I got on : )

  2. I do like protein powders and have been using them since way before I even started blogging. I think they can be convenient when you want something filling and don't have time for eggs, meat etc. Plus they are tasty! I have quite a collection of protein powders now. Although I do prefer whole foods, I tend to lean more on protein powders when I'm 'dialing it up' after being a bit indulgent (er hello Brighton!)

    1. Yep they can come in handy when you want a filling liquid meal! I only have 2 types at the mo but I am open minded to get more after this one I really like it!

  3. I do love protein powders and have a few, but I want more!!! I recently found that I hate stevia flavoured protein powders as I find them over sweet. I think that it's just a phase that my body is going through.