Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Sunny Day Out and a Silent Meow

Hey all, I am having such a lovely time with my mama being here, I just hate that its only a few days. But we are making the most of it, yesterday me my sister Jes and mama went to Cranbrook which is a lovely quaint little town.

Before we left I did a morning strength workout followed by a run. The weather is just too good to not get out in it, when I got home I had a protein smoothie for breakfast. It was chocolate and tahini with a few other bits added, delicious! 

We spent the day looking round the cute little shops, had a light antipasti lunch and a walk round the church and some neighbouring fields. It was so nice and the weather really was perfect : )

For dinner me and Dale had sausages with spinach and swede chips, he got one of my sausages too! I love swede chips they crisp up and are sweet and crunchy, yum

This morning I went for another little run, very early! I also had another smoothie, I just couldn't resist! I then had a morning filled with clients. Its there 2nd month check in and the results are amazing, I am so happy for them all : : )

Once all my clients were trained I had to pop into town, I am going to be working a few days in the tattoo shop I get my tattoos which is very exciting and I had to go and talk a few things over before my first day there. I was sent these Cocofina coconut waters the other day and took one with me, very nice I will be doing a proper review soon : )

I popped to see my dad before heading home and got the joy of seeing hid neighbours cat, I love Mylo she is so old and has a silent meow, too cute! 

Back home for lunch, I had veggies and eggs with 3 un-pictured rice cakes and butter.

We are off out tonight to my sisters for dinner then tomorrow we are going to Rye in the day and me and Dale are making dinner tomorrow night, busy! 

I hope your all enjoying your weekend as much as I am : )


What have you been doing this lovely sunny weekend?


  1. Chocolate and tahini sounds like a great smoothie combo!

  2. I haven't had swede fries in the longest time! Dee-licious!

    I went for a barbeque at my brothers house, everyone was totally burnt from the sunshine already :)

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend! Hope the gig working in the tattoo place is fun!